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This blog should be a safe place for anyone who wants to talk, read, listen, and experience technology in safe GOD fearing way. I am a believer and follower of JESUS CHRIST MY LORD AND SAVIOR WHO I BELIEVE CAME DOWN AS GOD IN THE FLESH TO SHED BLOOD SO WE MAY BE MADE RIGHT WITH GOD AND HE WILL ACT AS WITNESS ON OUR BEHALF BECAUSE NO MAN CAN GET TO THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN BUT THROUGH JESUS CHRIST and it is those who believe mission to spread this message of love to all people for GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD! I strive to live righteously and I pray you do to and understand that we should do that in all that we do even when we are enjoying my favorite hobby, all things tech! that's why I am a techie in CHRIST I am a tech nerd that is grounded in the LORD. GOD BLESS !
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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Moto G is here! the cracked screen replacement and other reasons why it matters.

So to day I was surprised because I totally forgot about the moto g announcement. I know its just a cheap version of the moto x but I think there is much more to the story.

The moto G to me is googles attempt to disrupt the industry! I know TMobile has been championing that sentiment for a while now but google seems to be doing it more effectively , maybe they should team up.
The moto G has a 4.5 720 p screen, 1 gig of ram, a quad core processor, fm radio, almost pure android, and a guarantee to have kit kat running by january.
Ok I know the specs is nothing to write home about but its better than the typical Virgin mobile phone at that price, oh yeah i forgot to mention price ,,,,,,,$179 UNLOCKED!!! Are you kidding me! That is the catch. When I heard the price I instantly made a post about it. The thing that separates this from the other phones in that range is that the older phones that drop to similar prices usually are forgotten by the carriers. You may can get an old unlocked iphone 3g but it wont have ios7 or app store support. This phone does have google play store support and it will be updated by google I mean Motorola itself.
I was happy with this phone because at the least it will be the new cracked screen replacement. Usually the cracked screen will set you back $150 , why not just get a new phone. I once dropped my iphone in the toilet, before knowing the rice trick , and pondered paying $400 for a replacement. Not now, loose your phone , get moto g, phone gets flooded, get a moto g. Its a cheap phone that you can be happy to have!
So google is trying to disrupt the subsidies in America with first the $349 Nexus 5 and now the $179 Moto G. I feel this a great strive in trying to break through artificial value they place in phones just because it has a cell radio. I no longer have to keep renewing the obviously overpriced cell contracts so I can get a phone actually worth using without the sticker price. Sometimes Capitalism works perfectly, competition and competitiveness is a win for us customers!
Just my thoughts, GOD BLESS

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Windows "start" button makes me smile :)

So I downloaded the windows 8.1 update and I actually welcome the update. I admit I haven't spent much time playing with it because my primary computer is my Chromebook. I am usually using the pc for gaming and backing up media. It is a powerhouse but its in the utility room and not portable. I guess I give up a lot of power for the sake portability. But you didn't click on this to hear me talk about that.
I was one of the lucky ones that got this off without a hitch. I didn't have the problems everyone else had with the update. I have a friend at work who told me it has ruined his experience on his vivo tab running on the atom processor. I heard that windows has fixed the problem yesterday from the main website for those running RT but for everyone else I wouldn't hesitate to download it. The reason why? THE START MENU!
ok ok I know its not a true start menu at least in the usual since but it does function the way I want it. It has solved the main point of frustration with me. I can right click on the start button to pull up a menu of choices that make navigating so much easier. I can now get to my device manager, control panel, settings , and SHUTDOWN with a right click away! Wow so instead of trying to hover my mouse at the perfect spot or trying to remember how many pages over or where do I find something I can just right click the start menu. My pet peeve is when I cant find something, now I can , also included is the run command when you right click. This allows me to type in the app for quick access. That's it , that's all I wanted , That's all I had to talk about ,, just let me get through the "features" quickly. Like a light switch, or a  sewer separating your waste from your drinking supply, its the smallest little thing that can make a huge difference. (drama much)....
The update is free for existing windows 8 users, check your app store, that should be the last time you have to because 8.1 will have auto updates. So the moral of the story, take ya time if your own a atom chip but everyone else, go get that button!


Thursday, October 17, 2013

Things I heard 10/17/2013

Nexus 5 coming? - Any one else getting irritated, I even saw this video from someone in Europe showing kit kat, it was not something to get excited about other than the prospect of a new phone. Then I got Google seemingly playing with our emotions with the random adds like "everybody dance now." We are wasting time thinking about C and C releasing the song on October 18th and then people saying the group used to be 28 street something so the announcements will be made on the 18th for the 28th release. Then we see an ad saying this is it, a MJ single released on the 18th! haha are they that clever? The bigger story was somebody had time to research and figure this out. Wow talk about a potential detective in the wrong career. Too bad Bin Laden didn't have a nexus, we would've caught him early!

HTC ONE MAXed out - I thought it was pretty awesome. I will spare you my usual speech about how the bigger the phone the better, oppps , Well anyway critics seemingly doesnt think so , I guess because it has a snapdragon 600 instead of 800 which is a lost for the geeks , and then the back cover comes off just for a sim card , ummm yeah. The finger print sensor I guess isn't good, its weird how apple manages to make simple things look cool and just work. I wonder did they rush the scanner or that was just he best they can do for a reasonable price as of now.

Sony Z ultra - the dream phone for me is coming to the states with a dream if they think I will actually buy it at the outrageous price of 600+ us. Yes I understand the value of unlocked phones but lets face it , technology changes to much for me to spend over 400 for a phone! Thats the genious in the early upgrade plans. I know geeks willing to shell out $600 + for a phone are going to be angry if they are stuck with a phone more than a year! All being said if something magical makes this phone imaginable I will defenitley get it but with the pricing and lack of carrier support, Its not mentioned in the same conversation as your galaxy  and one's

Samsung Round - really? So I want a phone thats harder to put in my pocket just because its possible to be bent? Its stuck in that position, so whats fascinating about curved grass? Who folds paper to read it? Nope try again! I would like a phone with a display on the sides giving the display a infitnity view type look with the time on top , umm my idea sucks too a little I guess. (pic below from

Windows 8.1 is here! - this is only cool to me because it is for 8 inch tablets! This will make a tablet people want because most of us have a windows laptop (not me) and they want to have some windows functionality on the go. I touched on this before and I am still excited. I have my nexus 7 but this does have my attention. Upgrade today for your start screen , your ability to boot right into desktop, and easier settings. Well I guess you should upgrade if you hate the new look of windows 8 but you are willing to compromise.

Apple announcement official - the event will be Tuesday October 22. They said they have a lot more to cover! hmm an announcement on covers yeah!!!! well who has two thumbs to watch even though he claims he moved on from apple,,,,,This Guy!
 wait thats one thumb, well anyway I'm not the only one, we will all be watching. Its like watching the Tom Brady throw that touchdown (I like Tom Brady tho).

Video of this post below. 

on side note, most importantly I praise GOD for the traffic I have been getting I didn't expect thousands of visits so soon, I am just trying to learn but its a goal of mine! Please subscribe , share my page/posts, and talk about it!  GOD BLESS!

Friday, October 11, 2013

New chromebooks got me ol gitty!

I am so excited about the new Chromebooks, one is the $279 HP Chromebook that will have a white macbook like casing with accent colors, that brings me back to the days when i was toting the light fun laptop. The hp 11 coolest feature is the ability to charge of usb, thats one less cord to carry. Every one who has commented on the the hp 11 has said the same thing. I love the thought of a toy like laptop that is awesome for quick blogging and reading the web. Lets be honest, that is what we mostly do. I am currently doing it right now in fact. The people that actually use the computer for much more are definitely NOT considering a computer sub $500.
The second awesome Chromebook I seen was the Haswell Acer c7! for $250!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had to type the extra punctuation to punctuate my excitement. I am typing on a c7 which I purchased over the Samsung Chromebook mostly because it has a Intel chip. The Intel chip is useful when it comes to Linux because that enables me to run programs like java run time. The thing that holds the c7 back was the slow processor. It works but it was slow and still not comfortable. Geeks know what I mean when I say something works but it  is not fun. I look forward to the more powerful battery sipping chip to make Linux fun! I heard so many good things about the Chromebook pixel because it had the nice ivy bridge processor. Don't troll me, I know this haswell chip wont be an i5 level chip but I think the power should be awesome. The pixel was 1500 , I am just happy I can get a better Intel chip with a cheaper price than the arm based hp.

So for my readers who want to take care of business like regular people ie : pay bills, scroll for information, use Facebook, Google plus (wishful thinking) etc. a Chromebook is perfect. These two Chromebooks are cheaper than full size tablets and they are far more convenient when using a trackpad and keyboard to fll in forms rather using your finger and zooming in sliding your finger to fix typos haha. Watch out Apple, Microsoft , the world is chachca cha chainging!


Friday, October 4, 2013

things I heard 10/4 "stop carrying your wallet and take your tv"

Dell 8 inch dell venue windows 8.1 tablet  - this is amazing! this thing comes in at $299 putting it in cheap tablet category. That is something that a lot of people have been waiting for in terms of windows. I think they should have don't this a long time ago because if they did we would be much more interested. I hope its not a little to late for them because I think its a valuable solution to the people that are used to windows and using office products but have the need for a cheap tablet they can carry everywhere. I know people make fun of Microsoft's mobile strategies but the platform is actually pretty nice in my opinion. This thing should be compatible with local printers without the need of 3rd party software, compatible with any file your coworker might send natively have a sd card slot for expansion and it has 32 gigs standard. I guess you can say I think its awesome! What about you?

Cheap Android tablets galore- I keep hearing every other day of a sub $200 android tablet. This is the new trend in tech. I think the cheap android mini tablet is the new net book. I see so many of my relatives and students showing me there tablet they got a "deal" for with its dark grainy skin , with slow movement , and lack of app store support. I think one thing about the android that I don't care for is the lack of understanding people have between android and tablets like Nexus, note 10.1 etc... On that note we have Archos introducing 3 tablets that seemingly is only grabbing headlines because its cheap!

Abc and CBS tv everywhere- both major networks announced on demand video of their prime time service within 24 hours of airing. This is amazing I spent countless hours working with hacks and crappy software trying to take my tv with me. This is the beauty of companies like Aereo. They have disrupted the market offering tv everywhere through legal technicalities forcing ABC and CBS to be proactive and give customers like me what they want so they can at least gain ad money from us!

TMOBILE announce the uncarier 3 event October 9- in the previous 2 events tmobile announced no contract pricing , and early upgrades respectfully but now the third event is on the horizon. I am trying to decide what else do I complain about in terms of phone carriers. I know I don't like paying for minutes when I talk maybe 20 minutes a month. I know they have a data only plan but it is pretty much not promoted. Its actually relatively hard to find. It can also be an announcement of a text and data plan only! This would be pretty cool all be it unnecessary because with data I can just use hangout. I also heard that tmobile has already been producing nfc sim cards. Our sims are tied to us already so its more secure and it will allow us to put the sim in iphones, which will create a much larger adoption rate of nfc cable phones. Wow a uncarier announcement to uncarry your wallet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh yeah still waiting on nexus 5,,,,,more pics, more specs, more thirst,,,,,,,,,GOD BLESS

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

things i heard this past week 10/1

Nexus 5 photo. This look a lot like the nexus 7 I think it will be nice to go the smamsung rooute and streamline the design across the board. People are angry at the camera but I don't know why I think it doesn't make a difference and o guess I'm used to it because it looks similar to the bezel around the nexus 7 cam. There are rumored specs like snapdragon 800 , 2 gig ram, sseperate graphics and the usual but I think nexus stands out primarily by price and os so the is nothing to be excited about or remember for that matter. What would you guys like to see?

Aereo delayed Chicago launch. From my knowledge Aereo is a service that allows you to watch local tv online. I know some are saying so what but aereo hosts the channels so you don't have to worry about tweaking your computer with a antenna or run cords. They sent an email a few days ago saying that the rollout will be late because the beta went wrong. This makes me so sad because I want to be a cord cutter but I need a reliable solution to have commercials play as environmental noise as I interact with my family. Am I the only one that feels less comfortable when Netflix is playing all say? It seems like a commitment or something I have to plan for. I never hear people say it but I think we enjoy the randomness of TV and its commercials. Netflix forces you tk make a decision. Any cord cutters excited about this?

Amazon new tablets-- this is amazing how they compete with Google on bottom prices. Outside of Google I probably use amazon the most. Specs seem to be on par with the nexus 7 and the price is the same but the fire hdx has a bigger display at 8.9. The only drawback is app compatibility. I don't use the amazon app store but I don't recall much apps for my taste not a available on this store but in Google play. They retained last years fire HD but placed it in a new body ala apple iPhone 5c (oops).. The killer feature is. "Mayday" that will be a button that will connect you to a customer rep in 15 seconds. Jeff Bezos the owner of amazon claim they will be ready for Christmas but I can't imagine he realizes just how much this thing is going to sell. I know while your reading this your thinking of a elder family member to give it too! The commercial alone makes me want to press "mayday" as soon as I get the chance. Hey but on another note, if there is anyone who can claim to have the logistics ,its amazon! I'm typing this on my nexus wrapped i a case I ordered 2 days ago! ,,,,,,,,,,,,

Oh yeah and the review's of the note 3 is released and from what I'm reading this is the phone to beat!!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

things I heard 9/24

Iphone 5c and 5s sell over 9 million - this is the most ever I honestly dont know why but I guess people still are obsessed with the iphone the most. I feel like the outsider, I know most of the critics poo pooed this version but I got to remember I do not represent the masses as a far as features I want on a phone so maybe the rest of the world is just going on with the trend. For now the trend is still saying iphone and i guess you can say momentum has its place!

surface 2 and surface 2 pro - the new one is supposed to have a much better screen with full 1080p hd and the surface 2 has the Tegra 4 processor that should be 2x the performance. IT will also have office built in and thats including outlook. I think that will be a dream for a teacher, but I am not sure if it will allow java apps to be uploaded. The pro seems to be even more interesting because it was already an awesome design but now it has the power of the haswell chip. The chip has proven to be amazing for battery life and I'm hearing 8 hours performance, thats a full work day. It also has graphics for low level settings or basic games, and I heard that the chips run cooler to avoid sweaty thighs! I like that both also will have a deeper pitch with the kickstand that will help with balance on the lap and the keyboard is thinner which will help with portability. I love this announcement , its only 1 thing,,,,,wait for it,,,,,,,,,,,PRICE!!!!! its 459, and 899 respectively. Thats not including the keyboards ! So your looking at high end prices, admittedly I think the pro can reasonably be considered the macbook of pc's like the sleekest most attractive thing windows has to offer. I want one to be honest!

kitkat leaked images showing a flat trend - this news sickens me! I have recently seen supposedly leaked images of kit kat and the icons are looking flat and ios'sy. This seems to be a "if your friend jump off the bridge" type of trend. I hate how icons look on IOS 7 they are flat and ugly! I refuse to believe I am the only one who thinks its stupid that we make all this effort to get awesome screens only to create images that could've been made in the 90's. No depth or shadowing? wow that is as crazy as updating your camera lenses to take dusty filters for Instagram pics, oh wait,,,,,,,,,

blackberry up for sale- ok so umm I was trying to make you care but lets see. I dont know why people are all obsessed with bbm. I guess it is supposed to be cool but the blackberry people I asked didn't really give me a good reason to be excited. I know the keyboards was dope and people like the push of the emails but I dont know anything special about bbm that makes it better than imessage or hangouts, please tell me maybe I am ignorant. I see its canadian financial company that purchased them but why? I joked last month about apple or yahoo buying blackberry maybe its going to be true. I can see the phone being a good thing for people who have better ideas. Well on another thought maybe keyboards is just played..

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Things I heard 9/14 iphone, 8.1, nexus lte , chromebooks, nexus 5

It has been a while isnce I updated so forgive me if some of this is dated but I just wanted to talk about the things that caught my eye or ears or ...whatever

1. Chromebook updates- I am sure windows is nervous because it seems as though there is a new buddy in town. All of the big vendors from lenovo, toshiba, to hp are making their own version of the chromebook. The chromebooks range from arm low powered arm chips, mid range atom refreshed bay trail processors, and surprising cheaper haswell. For non geeks this means the chromebooks will be able to run longer on the battery, run faster, and have better graphics! I love my Acer A7, its my go to machine for creating content because most of what I do is using google apps. This will just make things smoother for me when I ad a linux os on the side.

2. Possible Nexus 5 FCC leak - this was pretty cool people seem to be freaking out like it was an iphone. I see android fanboys can be just as passionate. I found myself clicking on every story I seen mentioning the nexus 5. That speaks a lot when your device gained so much loyalty, people cant wait to the next iteration. You have previously only seen that on the iphone and recently galaxy.

3. iphone 5c preorders- it is a lot to this story because what people are not talking about is the fact that I don't hear anything about iphone 5s orders ? Why not? Does apple realize that the announcement is underwhelming? Are they trying to build up a artificial sense of demand? I don't know , i guess I am a hypocrite because I seem to be excited about a processor bump to chromebooks when it is the same thing but I made fun of apple! I guess its just hard for those on top!

4. new windows 8.1 devices - i heard something about Asus coming with an 8.1 transformer type device for about $350! Wow if this is the case I am definitely interested. The problem with windows tablets is the price. The low price of android tablets helped people leave their comfort zone of the ipad but the surface was too expensive. As a government employee who is forced to use windows at work, I think I would like to have a portable device that runs windows and windows product. I have to admit though Im interested, it will be hard for me to part from my nexus!

5. Nexus LTE is here! - Im so excited! I have talked often about how I wish I had a device to rule them all, I was excited about the note 3 and I got really excited about the Sony Ultra Z but I have been waiting on the Nexus 7 LTE. I heard that tmobile will give a free month when you activate the sim card that it comes shipped with. I currently subscribe to verizon lte for my old ipad but I would love to switch it out. I now face the hard part. I need to seel my nexus devices so I can purchase a lte nexus 7 and maybe a cheap flip for backup. Any body want a nexus package? I need like 400 to cover tax. Leave comments for suggestions and let me know will using this as a phone and tablet will be a good choice!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

iphone presse event 9/10

so the big thing I heard today was the iphone announcement and this one time admitted apple fanboy revealed to the world just how much I now distant myself from apple. I was laughing and resenting the keypoints during the key note and I laughed at the things that I knew my former allies where going to be happy about. I decided to take some screenshots of my nexus to do an annoying little point. Admittedly none of this matter in the bigger picture because nothing can bring you to joy but the HOLY SPIRIT but this is just fun stuff, so enjoy and as always, GOD BLESS.

my quick settings
IOS quick settings

tabs in chrome for nexus

safari tabs


ios 7 notifications

So lets just say, this press conference was pretty familiar. I could post more but this just a quick point. 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

things I heard 9/8

Samsung Note 3 - it was weird because I was listening to the twit live coverage of the Samsung unpacked event and they seemed to be un-amused at this phone, I think this phone is awesome! (dj lance voice, unless I can get sued) . I had plans to write about what specs I would like in a new phone and this phone seems to come close. It has 3 gigs of ram which seems plenty, it does picture in picture, it has a floating screen like you tube, it has a strong quad core chip and it has a stylus that opens a note option when you pull it so you don't have that awkward moment asking someone to hold on while you open a notes app and then find out later auto-correct rendered the note you typed useless. If you like me finding yourself putting your phone back in your pocket and writing on scrap paper, you would love to have this spen and large screen. oh the screen is nearly 6 inches. Earlier I spoke how I would love to have cell service on my Nexus 7 but this phone also replaces that, I would love it was a 6.5 like the mega but hey this is a cool compromise. I am just thinking how awesome it would be just to have the one mobile device when I'm out in about , using a aftermarket wallet case for my licence and one debit hoping that nfc will make most of my payments. I don't like carrying baggage so the less I have to carry the better! so umm yeah i wont a note 3 

galaxy gear- wow what a dumb name but moving on. This "gear" is basically a smart watch. I will be honest its pretty cool and if I wasn't so happy with nexus I probably would have a Samsung phone which is needed for the gg because it doesn't actually have a data radio. Its basically a glorified pebble..mms/d.mgzn.sfngf sorry I fell  asleep on the keys from the boredom. I am confident enough to exclaim out loud tho that I am nerdy enough to rush out and get one if somebody like ,,,,Apple come out with a stand alone smart watch that can make calls , can take pictures crappy or not , have nfc , and Bluetooth 4.0. I can use my nexus 7 for every thing else . Remember I don't like walking around carrying stuff , but if I had a actual phone on my wrist I can run in jump and play with my kids at the park without the worry of things falling out my pocket! 

nexus 5 spotting, maybe- i feel like cnet asking a question to spread a rumor as if it was true but i love them (dont attack me I am a fan). This is understandable because there was a guy using a large phone that said nexus and it was next to a lady holding a nexus 4 , how convenient , which made it clear this phone will be bigger. There was soon after , convenient again, fcc specs on a phone which happen to have a similar model number that match eyeball specs, haha. Supposedly it will have a 5 inch screen , seems huge but nexus 4 is 4.7. I just hope the phone has longer battery , speakers on the front or bottom , and as mentioned earlier, I wish that it couldve had an even bigger screen. haha I know what your thinking, I should just get the LTE nexus 7 and wait for my watch , where in the world is my lte nexus? oh its over in Europe, how did they get it first :(. 

xbox one release date - November 22 I will probably be trying to figure out how to ask my wife to let me get the new xbox one for $500 even though my sons birthday and Christmas is in that same season. So umm yeah time to start telling myself only loser's get it first , yeah that should make me feel better, judge others, who im sinning, i mean kidding "spirit slip." Seriously I wont get this unless GOD wills different, prayerfully its because of my discipline of service to others and not just because I'm broke or value the warmth of my wife at night haha. 

Random thought, anybody tired of people taking pictures of kit-kats affixed to android phones? 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Phone feature wish list for phone launch season

Let's make a phone feature wish list. Once we compile a list we can see what phone comes closest to what we want. This is a perfect time to do it because of IFA and the upcoming iPhone event. Comment

Friday, August 30, 2013

some things I heard 8/30

Another Slow calm before the storm of news next week!

1. Samsung leaked a upcoming wearable product - so they are going to rush a watch out. I will be honest I think apple will eventually win me back with a iwatch that I can make calls on especially if it packs in nfc so I can just scan my wrist to pay for things , and use my earpiece to make calls. Im smiling thinking about it!

2. Walmart dropped Iphone 5 to $98 - this combined with the news of apple canceling holidays the week of the 15th make it almost a no brainer for the sept 10 reveal of the new iphone(s)

3. PS3 voice recognition - for some reason Sony didnt seem to tout the camera much even though it looks like its really high quality I guess its trying to distance itself from the XBOX but I would have thought it would benefit  them to do a me too thing to take thunder from the Kinect because to be honest thats a big reason I am still thinking of going with the one!

4. Note 3 aww man this is going to be so exciting to see the iphone vs note 3! Samsung and apple never went head to head like this because their flagships was always staggered in different seasons but if the rumors are true they both are giving their best shot this september!

5. yeah so um yeah GOD BLESS

Thursday, August 29, 2013

5 things i heard today 8/29

Slow day today,,..,

1. Kinect Delayed in many country's - wow anyone notice there as been a ton of bad news from Microsoft lately, I got a feeling its going to be like Sony with ps3 launch, business interfering with the potential success of the hardware.

2. Nintendo fils Aime ain't scared!- paraphrasing he said specs of the new Xbox one and ps4 doesn't scare him, its all  about games and they got Zelda, Mario , and donkey Kong ,, soak that in Zelda, Mario, donkey kong,,,now quick. Come back to the future.,,did he accident my read his note from1993?

3. Surface permanent Price cut - duh

4. Best buy iPhone 5 discount trade in your phone and get there's half off. I don't care about this in particular but bestbuy has definitely been striving hard to please customers! Amazon has been kicking there butt and with competition, the customer wins. yeah!!!

5. Aero Android app- this is and techie story most don't know about. Aero let's you watch live broadcast TV on your mobile device! In plain english it let's you watch abc CBS fox ,what my family calls "the regular channels" anywhere. The companies not feeling that because they have apps they want us to use but oh well its government mandated to have free over the air programing in exchange for Infrastructure and bandwith. (Gov helped them get rich) aerop takes advantage and pulls the signal in like a powerful antenna and then sends it to everyone for a fee, sounds like some companies I know,,,,,,,,,,,

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

5 things i heard today 8/28

Wow what a reach, here we go....

1. Google adds HD video to hangouts this is cool it will make more  of a reason to use hangouts unfortanetly I can't get people to try it over Skype or ugghhh oovoo nothing wrong with the later I support small time but its weird it get more traction from my crowd than Google.

2 Android will roll out improved keyboard I'm a nerd so its terribly frustrating that I have to edit so much. That combined with MW being to lazy to properly proof read leaves us both looking bad

3. Nintendo 2ds urrrrr? So are all the graphics flat? I don't have a 3d TV (not surprising) but shows aren't flat. Or tomb raider doesn't play like Mario. Hahaa I know it just means we took off the switch that made everyone sick so normal people will buy it before realizing its dumb to buy this and not the nearly ps3 quality of the 199 PS vita

4. Wii u price drop haha poor Nintendo with a "I was just playing about that price" move. I can picture people coming to the store during the Christmas season looking at the wii u demo of lugi who cares and then looking to the right and see a demo of second son running on the new ps4 for $50 more. They had to make the price drop!

5. DOCTOR PERFORMS KNEE SURGERY WHILE WEARING GOOGLE GLASS This is awesome first person experience without being there. I think that would help a great deal I'm the classroom. I guess it wasn't totally necessary but the doctor ,,,,,,KNEEDED to see if it would work! Hahhahaha

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

5 things i heard today 8/27

1. The nexus 4 just dropped $100 dollars I just purchased mines in may but I knew a new one is coming, thirsting for the latest and greatest is a sin that suffer for , so hey I deserve to be jealous hahaa

2. The note 3 part has been leaked from a new source that match the images from a previous source showing a ultra thin bezel and 5.8 inch screen wow! Forget s4 I think the note will be considered by most to be the flagship phone especially if the rumored 4k recording camera is true (I doubt it)! Ooooooo what if that's the new nexus? Haha cloud talk

3. Facebook making events , once again Facebook stealing an idea this time from Google + I tried to tell people about this a long time ago but I'm not cool enough to bring people to Google so I never got a chance to use it. Well anyway Facebook events will pull in pictures from everyone attending the event so your not like me stalking everyone in the family Facebook page trying to find the pictures from the family reunion..

4.  Blackberry spins of messenger,,,,,,ummmm who still cares? Maybe you should download aim mobile too haha

5. Apple TV adds Disney and Disney xd and some channels we skip over because were force to subscribe that as a bundle with Disney and the ESPN. Wow I can imagine keeping that apple TV on and just switching from one thing to another, what if all the Chanel's you have programmed was streamlined and constantly opening so u can ditch from HBO go to Disney like your changing Chanel's on TV


Monday, August 26, 2013

5 things I heard today

I don't have time to realistically keep up with a daily blog of everything so I will try to commit to a brief run down of what caught my ear and a quick quip , ironically i have time to write this explanatory intro and paragraph response haha please subscribe prayerfully video coming soon! 
  1. LG coming with a 8 something inch phablet. Haha people hate that name but I think all people in tech use it because its truly I hybrid, I myself do really want 1 device to carry around , now that I been using my nexus 7 I was just thinking I wish I could do Bluetooth calls on it and just get rid of my phone. I am now thinking of google voice solutions 
  2. People actually like the mega - see above why im excited 
  3. Google restricting apps that change functionality - not totally sure about this story but its weird because the claim to fame and bragging rights for android is the customization, I know Google wants to shake the criticism of being unstable but stable is boring when it comes to tech! ,,,at least for geeks
  4. Some instagram purchase I dont care about so lets talk about the trending affleck talk, I like Ben and according to his box office numbers so do many others (sans daredevil which is causing this in the first place). Sometimes tech gives a voice to the detriment of open mindedness - ok maybe its not that serious haha
  5. Iphone processor getting stronger supposedly - duh !! but Im hearing its still going to be dual core, I know apple will be efficient and they usually get twice the performance from half the specs in my experience but cmon, most people in the smartphone market is superficial , so yes numbers matter. I know people are saying the contrary but its all about the latest and greatest so you need to get some news worthy things to talk about. I hear about the GOLD iphone which I think is a GREAT idea to the contrary of other critics becasue its a "oohh you got the new gold one" reaction millions of people are going to thirst to receive! 
That is all GOD BLESS!