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This blog should be a safe place for anyone who wants to talk, read, listen, and experience technology in safe GOD fearing way. I am a believer and follower of JESUS CHRIST MY LORD AND SAVIOR WHO I BELIEVE CAME DOWN AS GOD IN THE FLESH TO SHED BLOOD SO WE MAY BE MADE RIGHT WITH GOD AND HE WILL ACT AS WITNESS ON OUR BEHALF BECAUSE NO MAN CAN GET TO THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN BUT THROUGH JESUS CHRIST and it is those who believe mission to spread this message of love to all people for GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD! I strive to live righteously and I pray you do to and understand that we should do that in all that we do even when we are enjoying my favorite hobby, all things tech! that's why I am a techie in CHRIST I am a tech nerd that is grounded in the LORD. GOD BLESS !
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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Things I heard 9/14 iphone, 8.1, nexus lte , chromebooks, nexus 5

It has been a while isnce I updated so forgive me if some of this is dated but I just wanted to talk about the things that caught my eye or ears or ...whatever

1. Chromebook updates- I am sure windows is nervous because it seems as though there is a new buddy in town. All of the big vendors from lenovo, toshiba, to hp are making their own version of the chromebook. The chromebooks range from arm low powered arm chips, mid range atom refreshed bay trail processors, and surprising cheaper haswell. For non geeks this means the chromebooks will be able to run longer on the battery, run faster, and have better graphics! I love my Acer A7, its my go to machine for creating content because most of what I do is using google apps. This will just make things smoother for me when I ad a linux os on the side.

2. Possible Nexus 5 FCC leak - this was pretty cool people seem to be freaking out like it was an iphone. I see android fanboys can be just as passionate. I found myself clicking on every story I seen mentioning the nexus 5. That speaks a lot when your device gained so much loyalty, people cant wait to the next iteration. You have previously only seen that on the iphone and recently galaxy.

3. iphone 5c preorders- it is a lot to this story because what people are not talking about is the fact that I don't hear anything about iphone 5s orders ? Why not? Does apple realize that the announcement is underwhelming? Are they trying to build up a artificial sense of demand? I don't know , i guess I am a hypocrite because I seem to be excited about a processor bump to chromebooks when it is the same thing but I made fun of apple! I guess its just hard for those on top!

4. new windows 8.1 devices - i heard something about Asus coming with an 8.1 transformer type device for about $350! Wow if this is the case I am definitely interested. The problem with windows tablets is the price. The low price of android tablets helped people leave their comfort zone of the ipad but the surface was too expensive. As a government employee who is forced to use windows at work, I think I would like to have a portable device that runs windows and windows product. I have to admit though Im interested, it will be hard for me to part from my nexus!

5. Nexus LTE is here! - Im so excited! I have talked often about how I wish I had a device to rule them all, I was excited about the note 3 and I got really excited about the Sony Ultra Z but I have been waiting on the Nexus 7 LTE. I heard that tmobile will give a free month when you activate the sim card that it comes shipped with. I currently subscribe to verizon lte for my old ipad but I would love to switch it out. I now face the hard part. I need to seel my nexus devices so I can purchase a lte nexus 7 and maybe a cheap flip for backup. Any body want a nexus package? I need like 400 to cover tax. Leave comments for suggestions and let me know will using this as a phone and tablet will be a good choice!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

5 things i heard today 8/28

Wow what a reach, here we go....

1. Google adds HD video to hangouts this is cool it will make more  of a reason to use hangouts unfortanetly I can't get people to try it over Skype or ugghhh oovoo nothing wrong with the later I support small time but its weird it get more traction from my crowd than Google.

2 Android will roll out improved keyboard I'm a nerd so its terribly frustrating that I have to edit so much. That combined with MW being to lazy to properly proof read leaves us both looking bad

3. Nintendo 2ds urrrrr? So are all the graphics flat? I don't have a 3d TV (not surprising) but shows aren't flat. Or tomb raider doesn't play like Mario. Hahaa I know it just means we took off the switch that made everyone sick so normal people will buy it before realizing its dumb to buy this and not the nearly ps3 quality of the 199 PS vita

4. Wii u price drop haha poor Nintendo with a "I was just playing about that price" move. I can picture people coming to the store during the Christmas season looking at the wii u demo of lugi who cares and then looking to the right and see a demo of second son running on the new ps4 for $50 more. They had to make the price drop!

5. DOCTOR PERFORMS KNEE SURGERY WHILE WEARING GOOGLE GLASS This is awesome first person experience without being there. I think that would help a great deal I'm the classroom. I guess it wasn't totally necessary but the doctor ,,,,,,KNEEDED to see if it would work! Hahhahaha