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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

5 things i heard today 8/28

Wow what a reach, here we go....

1. Google adds HD video to hangouts this is cool it will make more  of a reason to use hangouts unfortanetly I can't get people to try it over Skype or ugghhh oovoo nothing wrong with the later I support small time but its weird it get more traction from my crowd than Google.

2 Android will roll out improved keyboard I'm a nerd so its terribly frustrating that I have to edit so much. That combined with MW being to lazy to properly proof read leaves us both looking bad

3. Nintendo 2ds urrrrr? So are all the graphics flat? I don't have a 3d TV (not surprising) but shows aren't flat. Or tomb raider doesn't play like Mario. Hahaa I know it just means we took off the switch that made everyone sick so normal people will buy it before realizing its dumb to buy this and not the nearly ps3 quality of the 199 PS vita

4. Wii u price drop haha poor Nintendo with a "I was just playing about that price" move. I can picture people coming to the store during the Christmas season looking at the wii u demo of lugi who cares and then looking to the right and see a demo of second son running on the new ps4 for $50 more. They had to make the price drop!

5. DOCTOR PERFORMS KNEE SURGERY WHILE WEARING GOOGLE GLASS This is awesome first person experience without being there. I think that would help a great deal I'm the classroom. I guess it wasn't totally necessary but the doctor ,,,,,,KNEEDED to see if it would work! Hahhahaha

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