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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Windows "start" button makes me smile :)

So I downloaded the windows 8.1 update and I actually welcome the update. I admit I haven't spent much time playing with it because my primary computer is my Chromebook. I am usually using the pc for gaming and backing up media. It is a powerhouse but its in the utility room and not portable. I guess I give up a lot of power for the sake portability. But you didn't click on this to hear me talk about that.
I was one of the lucky ones that got this off without a hitch. I didn't have the problems everyone else had with the update. I have a friend at work who told me it has ruined his experience on his vivo tab running on the atom processor. I heard that windows has fixed the problem yesterday from the main website for those running RT but for everyone else I wouldn't hesitate to download it. The reason why? THE START MENU!
ok ok I know its not a true start menu at least in the usual since but it does function the way I want it. It has solved the main point of frustration with me. I can right click on the start button to pull up a menu of choices that make navigating so much easier. I can now get to my device manager, control panel, settings , and SHUTDOWN with a right click away! Wow so instead of trying to hover my mouse at the perfect spot or trying to remember how many pages over or where do I find something I can just right click the start menu. My pet peeve is when I cant find something, now I can , also included is the run command when you right click. This allows me to type in the app for quick access. That's it , that's all I wanted , That's all I had to talk about ,, just let me get through the "features" quickly. Like a light switch, or a  sewer separating your waste from your drinking supply, its the smallest little thing that can make a huge difference. (drama much)....
The update is free for existing windows 8 users, check your app store, that should be the last time you have to because 8.1 will have auto updates. So the moral of the story, take ya time if your own a atom chip but everyone else, go get that button!


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