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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Will major announcements of android os be a thing of the past?

I like many are waiting by my nexus device anxiously waiting for kit Kat to be released while living vicariously through post of others with their nexus 5. I have noticed something trending, many of my internal android apps have been updating! Things that you usually have to wait for a new version for is now updating on the regular like the first one I noticed, Google maps. Now today I see Google keyboard, there was also recently text to speech. I for one love this modular experience in which I'm constantly getting update. That's a strong reason why I support chrome is. Yes I will miss the angst of waiting for that is release, but isn't it better to give your customers the best you have instead of creating a artificial development cycle?
This will also help with fragmentation issues, at least how customers perceive it. If I'm stuck with a outdated phone that came out in ancient history, you know 4 months ago,  I can still enjoy the latest features bypassing my provider via play store. Let me know what you think..GOD BLESS

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