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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A fandroid understands why iphone 5c works

I guess Im on a role for late reviews but I never got around to posting this video of the iphone 5c. I guess its indicative to my feeling about iphone 5c, I mean its noteworthy but ultimately it didn't excite me. I have to admit though I actually think this is more awesome than my initial impression, so apple fanboys, don't fret this is not a hate session, I have many positive things to say.

When I first seen the phone it was what I am guessing , a common reaction , "aw this actually doe's look nice! I scoffed at Apple saying its a special kind of plastic but I think they are at least sorta hitting on something with their assessment. I like the hardness of the plastic, there is was no bending or flexing of the plastic like you get with the galaxy phones. The hardness felt expensive. It was also very glossy giving it a rich look. You don't feel like your getting a Walmart prepaid phone when you grab this phone. I also like how the phone is recessed within the plastic. I first joked that all you need to do is put a case on the old iphone but a case cant replicate the look of the phone seemingly wrapped in hard quality plastic. I also like how the features of the phone shoot through the outside casing like with this black phone , you can see the black speaker gril shine through, the headphone jack as well. To be honest it gave me the feeling like you get when you see a really nice sports car! It gives you a pause!

The phone feels much more responsive on the iphone 5c. The iphone 4 seemed to be laggy with IOS 7 in my experience and its almost irritating with my ipad 3. I did'nt really like IOS7 until I gave it a go on the iphone 5C. I can know see the direction apple is taking. I always criticize IOS7 for being somewhat effeminate and childish like a cute toy my child would enjoy. The bright iphone 5c is playful in itself so when the two are married together it all just works! Its like watching a comedian in a drama. Watching them even performing well is somewhat annoying because its not a good fit, but when your watching something playful and funny like a comedy, they become your favorite actor. I liken that to Steve Carell in "Dan in Real Life" vs "The Office"..

So will I get it? nah I am still stuck on screen size, the same reason I watch movies on a 46 " TV vs a 27inch led monitor. So who does want it? Of course apple fanboys, but they will go to the 5s , I shouldn't have to explain how geeks want the best. I think people who want this are the biggest customer base in America grown ups who don't care for specs. I know me and bloggers, and especially geeks talk about specs ,and contracts but my father's case says it all. ..I told him to get a nexus because its unlocked, and he replied "why would I leave ATT? I been there for years". Contracts don't matter because most people are not restless like me. Most people don't calculate contract costs, like me. Most people don't need to upgrade their phone even if its working perfectly , like me. Im not most people, most people are like my dad! He had the iphone 3g that he was using until of course it stop working , so he said "this phone is fast enough". He wanted to get a new phone and found out this phone was only $100. Not $100 with a two year contract in which they are over charged and a high ETA, nope $100. He saw this phone on a commercial that his friends and family saw too. This the phone they was talking about on the news. This phone is shiny and people are going to say, "ooohh you got a new iphone?!" That there is Apple magic! GOD BLESS

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