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This blog should be a safe place for anyone who wants to talk, read, listen, and experience technology in safe GOD fearing way. I am a believer and follower of JESUS CHRIST MY LORD AND SAVIOR WHO I BELIEVE CAME DOWN AS GOD IN THE FLESH TO SHED BLOOD SO WE MAY BE MADE RIGHT WITH GOD AND HE WILL ACT AS WITNESS ON OUR BEHALF BECAUSE NO MAN CAN GET TO THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN BUT THROUGH JESUS CHRIST and it is those who believe mission to spread this message of love to all people for GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD! I strive to live righteously and I pray you do to and understand that we should do that in all that we do even when we are enjoying my favorite hobby, all things tech! that's why I am a techie in CHRIST I am a tech nerd that is grounded in the LORD. GOD BLESS !
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Friday, April 18, 2014

Sermon reflection 4/13/14 and my spiritual journey to JESUS!

This past sermon talked about JESUS triumphal entry into Jerusalem to die for our sins being the final sacrifice. We were filled with excitement and praise as our pastor talked about how blessed we are that we have a reason to praise because JESUS sacrificed for us! HE was blameless, sinless, yet HE died for sin, Our sin! That alone is reason to praise knowing that JESUS CHRIST died for us, but  the grave didn't hold him. HE is RISEN!
I was crying in the pew as I was reflecting on GOD's mercy. I grew up without much religion and was exposed to Islam. I considered myself wise and a forwarded thinker so I looked at religion as a science or a case study but I was curious. GOD placed people in my life to drop seeds like my sister , and grandmother. I was still questioning and wondering until my father had me read the Quran. As I was reading GOD began talking to me , he began making me pull JESUS out of what I was reading. Ironically I was given the task of helping to translate the Quran for an English speaking audience so that I can learn more about Islam. But GOD decided to let me pull out hints that Islam was missing the true beauty and answer to life. JESUS! I began praying more and more and asking GOD to forgive me for my confusion. I never really reflected until the sermon a special moment. ..
By the time I met my wife I have accepted that Christianity was the path GOD wanted me to take and it was JESUS that will be the only path to get into heaven. I was still not understanding the true essence of JESUS CHRIST. I was standing in Church on New Years Eve when JESUS Finally put the last piece in me! The HOLY SPIRIT entered me as I realized, JESUS is GOD in the Flesh. JESUS came down as the SON of GOD to model for us to do GOD's word and dying for our sins so we are Forgiven. Only because of JESUS CHRIST I have a place in Heaven and since I am Saved I am filled with the HOLY SPIRIT which is the true essence of the TRINITY of GOD. I went from a unbeliever, to a believer in GOD , to knowing I needed help, to a believer that JESUS was the way to Heaven , to understanding the TRINITY and only being saved by GRACE!
My plan for writing this sermon reflection during Resurrection week wanted me to reflect on Good Friday! The way every believer should celebrate is by sharing a testimony! Sharing who JESUS CHRIST is is true love and true worship the Easter Resurrection weekend. Testify so much there is no room for bunnies and egss,,,,, GOD BLESS!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Sunday Sermon 2/23/14 Faithful means to be counted on

Lamentations 3:19-25
This past sermon was about being faithful. Our pastor challenged us by explaining the difference between having faith and being faithful. He pointed out that when the Bible points out how GOD is always faithful to us, it is not saying GOD always believe, it is saying we can always depend on GOD! In turn , GOD expects us to be faithful as being saints that can be counted on! This where the challenge for me came in.
I felt that this was something I definitely needed to hear as I continue my service to GOD. I was placed in charge of the mens ministry for a season and I started very strongly wanting to the best job possible. I later allowed life to get me be busy when I should have continued to put my best foot forward. While I try to push forth and pray for improvement, I got the extra boost from reflecting that the job I do is for GOD so therefore I need to be faithful to GOD on anything he commissions me to do. That's including being someone who can be counted on  respecting my actions serve as a reflection of GOD! In the past I even made conscious attempts to let people down so that I can avoid responsibility but this is the exact opposite of what GOD wants from us! I have to make sure that I try hard in all my tasks so that I can hear well done my good and faithful servant! Over the weekend I went to a mens conference in which a speaker pointed out in Colosians in which Paul was praying for the people because they where faithful. When we are serving GOD faithfully we are the people that are prayed over because GOD sends people are way to pray blessings upon us. I want to gain that reputation but not for my glory,,, for GOD's glory! That includes this blog, I have to be faithful in the direction GOD sends me to give HIM the glory and honor. For I am forever in HIS debt for the un-repayable gift of Salvation! Thank GOD that He is Always Faithful!  GOD BLESS!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Sermon Reflection 2/16/2014 say Mercy

Lamentations 3:19-25 "Lord have Mercy on Me"
This sermon talked about the Lamentations of Jeremiah. How he felt broken in spirit and finally reached the point of despair and hopelessness due to the captivity and slaughter of Israel. In the midst of his sulking he prayed for mercy and realize that it was something in him that stopped to give praise to GOD recognizing that GOD will still lift him up and he can depend on GODs mercy.
The Pastor brought up a good point about how sometimes GOD allows us to go through pain and feel so broken so we have no other place to go but to him! It seems as though if you have been a believer long enough , you have reached a point sometime in your life that you felt a little hopeless or if things are as low as I can get. That's when you forced to just cry out to GOD asking him for forgiveness and mercy and praising him for his comfort.
The next major point was the contrast between Grace and Mercy.
1. Grace is a gift to someone who doesn't deserve it. Like a ticket out of hell even though we don't deserve it!
2. Mercy is not giving someone something they DO deserve. Like not giving us hell like we deserve and comforting us every day!
JESUS blood on the cross is the ultimate grace, and our daily bread is partly our daily mercy. For our continued fleshly mistakes GOD gives us a chance to repent and turn away.
He finished with an important lesson , if we are going to ask for mercy from GOD we must also show mercy to others. How many people hold back from what people deserve!

I was taken aback thinking about how GOD has repeatedly shown mercy to me. I was given grace because GOD chose me to be with HIM in heaven as I pass this earth but he also had shown mercy on me for the countless mess ups I did in life. I deserve to be lonely and poor because of the poor choices I made towards women in my past. I deserve to have a record for the reckless things I did while drinking in college. I deserve to be dead for risky things I participated in or did but I am still here and I give GOD all the glory for he is so merciful to me! I am still able to praise him because GOD didn't give me what I deserve!
So I must remember that when , that parent says something to me rude, my sons realize their errors and repented for it, I see the guy walking down the street who robbed me , I have to be willing to be the "punk, the pushover" when I know GOD is saying , Move On. I know we shouldn't live in a world when we have pervasive acceptance of sin, but holding that grudge especially against the repented,,clearly one must pray , brokenly.
I brokenly bow my head to GOD thanking him from the affliction I have been for days, weeks, maybe years, asking for GOD to take away. Instead those infliction's shall lead me to GOD knowing he is the only refuge, bringing peace in my soul, despite the circumstances. Thank you GOD for YOUR Mercy! Amen!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Im No Apologetic But I Know JESUS !

I was enthrawled with a commenter to a post I wrote about Psalms 22. I am running late for Church but I felt the LORD wanted me to write this below, I wanted to give an opurtunity for my brothers and sisters around the world to read it too. Please take time to read and reflect. GOD BLESS 

im no apologetic, I had many years trying to break down the Bible in technicalities, (my grandfather is a imean of sorts, most of the males in my fathers side is as well including him) I came to the conclusion that I cant use facts, that was the basis of the argument against (the people of the book) but I know JESUS is the stumbling block, I simply know that the greatest folly of men is to measure worthiness for heaven , I know Islam preaches that heaven depends on Allah mercy but miss the point that point that GOD has already shown mercy if you just lean on faith and not human understanding, thats the beauty of the GOSPEL, thats the beauty of Faith, as I was helping to relate the Quran to english readers in a book for a job in my younger years, GOD began revealing JESUS to me  as I read we in the Quran. I began much prayer and it all began to make sense to me, trying to achieve heaven is a endless journey in which leads to utter failure, but accepting that it has already been done give me a sense of peace, and then being filled with the HOLY SPIRIT (the true helper JESUS was referring to) give me guidance through my day including the decision to reply before going to Church today. Satan has made a small difference like "recognizing JESUS as GOD in the flesh and key to salvation" a small difference, which is the greatest lie because that difference is all that matters. On a side note, David is poetic, JESUS was treated as a warm as he was spit on , beaten , mocked and laughed at , hung from a cross to be mocked further while experiencing a slow gruesome death, no way to treat a king , yet alone the KING of Kings. Thank you for inspiring me to write this, I pray you read more of my Biblical reflection.  GOD BLESS 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sermon Reflection: Praising at Midnight: Acts 16:25-35

Acts 16:25-34
Today Sermon talked about Paul and Silas singing praises to GOD while being locked up in prison after being thrown in by a guard. As they sang praises the other prisoners came to discover their faith in GOD and then an earthquake struck letting the prisoners free and the guard awoke fearing they left and was about to kill himself. Paul told him to stop because no one left. This prompted the guard to ask Paul about Salvation, Paul answered with that beautiful answer.. Believe that JESUS is our Lord and Savior and the guard with his family will be blessed. Paul and Silas was invited to the guards home where they continued to share the word.
The pastor talked about Paul and Silas praise at midnight in prison was used as a tool to reach the other prisoners. Their faith and obedience to GOD which led to them staying put in jail instead of doing the instinctual running when they had the chance.led to the guard wanting to hear the Good News. The pastor talked about how our reaction during the dark times can serve as evangelism to others. People are watching us when we are in the midst of tribulation. We reveal our theology at midnight, the dark times. He point out how people see if we really believe what we are saying when things are hard. We also touched on how sometimes we need to stay put in "jail" if GOD wants us there . All too often we jump to do what we want to do and go where we want to go but GOD puts us in places for a reason and GOD tells us to leave at times that may not be convenient to us.
This is very relevant to my life as I go through the pains and motions of life. We had a ton of transition and drama at work and I don't know if people know, but teachers have a tendency to complain a lot. I like that I can use the teachers lounge and the teachers office as a avenue to praise GOD, to walk around with a smile on my face so people can ask, "what gives you so much joy? " I can say "because JESUS saved me from sins! Would you like to know about him? " It's those little things we do that are the greatest of all!. Digging out the 6 inches of the snow in -25 midwest weather can make me share on social network, "I'm so blessed I have such a large driveway to shovel" rather than " I'm tired of this stupid weather".
The pastor talked about how people discover your theology in times of adversity. I will never forget about when I found out my Elder of the Church lost his job, I was nervous for him and praying that he remained faithful. I was watching... He shown up to Bible Study that Wednesday not missing a step. He led the worship service praising GOD smiling and sweating in praise as he talked about how GOD IS GOOD ! I seen so much passion in his face as if he received news of a new job! But he got better news than that. GOD continued to speak to him letting him know that he is blessed, he is loved,  he is a Child of GOD! He didn't get a job for another month but GOD used him to teach me to be faithful, even when I thought my son was sick be faithful, even when my grandfather was dying be faithful. Remember to praise GOD during the midnight!
The next thing is moving when GOD tells you too. I wept at the thought that I felt GOD was leading me to another positron but I feared the change. Teaching the classes I teach was easy for me. I knew the book like the back of my hand and in my free time I absorbed more knowledge on the subject making me feel like a true scholar of the subject. I was thinking I am in the safe zone but GOD gave me opportunity to move up. I didn't. I have been feeling a bad feeling going back to the safe zone ever since. I try to ignore it. I try to compromise my way through it. I try to say I got to pray about it more. The more I pray the more I see I need to move. I have finally been brave enough to express that feeling to others. Since then I have been getting clues on the next step! GOD is good, he has been merciful to me as he continues to push me where he wants me! I don't see the path but I must remain faithful and take the inconvenient path to serve my GOD!  Amen.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Sunday Reflection Matthew 6:33-34

Mathew 6:33-34
This sermon was about how we are to put GOD first in all that we do.The pastor talked about how we like to talk about GOD is number one in our life but do we truly act that way? He gave us evidence on how we may not, such as: "saying I didn't have the time to pray this morning, our bank accounts show we give less than 10%, we will be embarrassed if people knew what was being said and practiced in our home. Do we actually live as if GOD is preeminent in our life or, is it just words.

I was thinking about this today when I noticed that it is now friday and I did not write my reflection yet. I know I was thinking I had a busy week because my whole household came down with a cold starting with me. I also said on top of that I had a hard week at work because I had to teach one of the hardest concepts in economics. I was in the midst of thinking this when I realized, I am stating things that got in the way in my worship to GOD. I know that my reflection is a tool I use to reflect on HIS word and grow in my walk in CHRIST but I neglected to do so after Church , I was foolish enough to call myself busy, as if this sermon went through one year and out the other. But I thank GOD for the HOLY SPIRIT! HE dwells in me so that I can feel when I am doing wrong, the conviction is a blessing so that I know I should have priorities. I know I wasn't that busy because I had time to live blog the Apple event! I have to be sure with this site not to cross the line between being an enthusiast of technology too being a worshiper of technology. I cant serve two gods!

I also was thinking about my bank statement. I know I foolishly found myself rationalizing that I should count 10 percent from what I have after my house and car. Because "those are things I have to have"....I was about to erase this part of my post because I know its a hot button for people but once again im convicted. The Bible predicts that we are to be considered not part of this world because this world is corrupt. This society is set up in a way that our home and taking care of our children comes up before we think about giving money to the church. So its basically saying society and taking care of my family comes before GOD. This is acting as though GOD is a little extra in our life, a little desert. I mean because c-mon we got to have balance, we cant go crazy with this faith stuff right?...

 I can talk a good game like I know many of you can talk a good game, but if we claim we trust GOD and we know the BIBLE is truth, do we live by Mathew 6:33-34? Do we seek the Kingdom of GOD first when we get paid or do we head to the grocery store and pay are bills because we worried about where we going to eat and sleep tomorrow? ,,,,,,,, GOD BLESS