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This blog should be a safe place for anyone who wants to talk, read, listen, and experience technology in safe GOD fearing way. I am a believer and follower of JESUS CHRIST MY LORD AND SAVIOR WHO I BELIEVE CAME DOWN AS GOD IN THE FLESH TO SHED BLOOD SO WE MAY BE MADE RIGHT WITH GOD AND HE WILL ACT AS WITNESS ON OUR BEHALF BECAUSE NO MAN CAN GET TO THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN BUT THROUGH JESUS CHRIST and it is those who believe mission to spread this message of love to all people for GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD! I strive to live righteously and I pray you do to and understand that we should do that in all that we do even when we are enjoying my favorite hobby, all things tech! that's why I am a techie in CHRIST I am a tech nerd that is grounded in the LORD. GOD BLESS !
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Friday, April 18, 2014

Sermon reflection 4/13/14 and my spiritual journey to JESUS!

This past sermon talked about JESUS triumphal entry into Jerusalem to die for our sins being the final sacrifice. We were filled with excitement and praise as our pastor talked about how blessed we are that we have a reason to praise because JESUS sacrificed for us! HE was blameless, sinless, yet HE died for sin, Our sin! That alone is reason to praise knowing that JESUS CHRIST died for us, but  the grave didn't hold him. HE is RISEN!
I was crying in the pew as I was reflecting on GOD's mercy. I grew up without much religion and was exposed to Islam. I considered myself wise and a forwarded thinker so I looked at religion as a science or a case study but I was curious. GOD placed people in my life to drop seeds like my sister , and grandmother. I was still questioning and wondering until my father had me read the Quran. As I was reading GOD began talking to me , he began making me pull JESUS out of what I was reading. Ironically I was given the task of helping to translate the Quran for an English speaking audience so that I can learn more about Islam. But GOD decided to let me pull out hints that Islam was missing the true beauty and answer to life. JESUS! I began praying more and more and asking GOD to forgive me for my confusion. I never really reflected until the sermon a special moment. ..
By the time I met my wife I have accepted that Christianity was the path GOD wanted me to take and it was JESUS that will be the only path to get into heaven. I was still not understanding the true essence of JESUS CHRIST. I was standing in Church on New Years Eve when JESUS Finally put the last piece in me! The HOLY SPIRIT entered me as I realized, JESUS is GOD in the Flesh. JESUS came down as the SON of GOD to model for us to do GOD's word and dying for our sins so we are Forgiven. Only because of JESUS CHRIST I have a place in Heaven and since I am Saved I am filled with the HOLY SPIRIT which is the true essence of the TRINITY of GOD. I went from a unbeliever, to a believer in GOD , to knowing I needed help, to a believer that JESUS was the way to Heaven , to understanding the TRINITY and only being saved by GRACE!
My plan for writing this sermon reflection during Resurrection week wanted me to reflect on Good Friday! The way every believer should celebrate is by sharing a testimony! Sharing who JESUS CHRIST is is true love and true worship the Easter Resurrection weekend. Testify so much there is no room for bunnies and egss,,,,, GOD BLESS!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sermon Reflection 3/30/14 John 6:70-71 "Little Devils in Church"

This past Sermon addressed John 6:70-71 Titled "little Devils in the Church". In the Sermon the pastor talked about Judas and why he truly went to hell. He spoke about how in fact even though Judas performed Miracles and was their with JESUS he was still not a believer therefore he still went to hell. I know I have been confronted with misinformation with the thought he was saved but went to hell for betraying JESUS. This is wrong because its arguing that you can loose salvation, but JESUS guarantees everlasting life. We also know that its not what we do that save us but its GODS grace so if GOD chose Judas to be saved he would have been. He contrasted this with Peter, tho he was arrogant and cowardly, he was saved and therefore repented and continued to serve GOD through his life time. We must understand Judas to gain a understanding of our Church today and GOD's grace. Pastor brought up how JESUS said many people will call HIS name and do miracles in HIS name but JESUS will say they don't know HIM ,, ,Judas did these things but he will go to the place where JESUS will send those who he don't know. Those he didn't call to heaven .
Applying this to life I was thinking when I myself fall into the trap of assuming someone knows the LORD. Saying things like " they know better they grew up in church!" We know the world learned from this with that wretched term, "PK's" this is because there are a ton of little devils that do good things. Jim Jones come to mind but it can be on a much smaller scale!
It is more important to think about who we share the Gospel to. We know that dude on the corner need to hear about JESUS and living the world according to GOD's will but what about that kid in the choir. We don't take time to talk to them about the LORD. Do we know whats in their heart. I know its no way to fully know but do we even ask? I don't... MY pastor talked about how he was 17 when he was saved but been in church since 3!
This also gave me more reason to be sure to depend on my personal relationship with GOD... Of course you have to fellowship with other Christians not forsaking the assembly of GOD, but you should also let the HOLY SPIRIT guide you and take advantage of today's society with the ability to read the Scripture for yourself. If what your pastor or spiritual leader is going outside of GOD's will or sharing a word out of alignment, you need to address it! I was thinking about the people that went with Jim Jones may have had warning signs from the HOLY SPIRIT before taking his lead, for those who were truly saved! You must also learn from this that Humans can be flawed so trust in GOD and understand only he is flawless.
This was a valuable lesson especially for those who belong to a church home like All those who are saved should be!!! I pray its a Blessing for you as well. GOD BLESS!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sunday sermon reflection 3/23/14 "AWOL Christians"

Sermon Reflection John 6:66-69 AWOL Christians. This sermon was talking about sticking to JESUS through thick and thin in ALL that we do. The pastor cleverly used the term AWOL Christians to describe how tho we have the position of heaven as GOD's children, we find ourselves missing when JESUS call upon us or when its term to put our testimony of faith to work. We was reminded by the feeling we had when we where first saved. Then we where on fire and ready to conquer the world with GOD as our shield but after a while we begin to lack up and let the world dictate our life to the point in which we find ourselves leaving the will of GOD in our life to please the world and our flesh.
I think about this often for I all to often think about this world and the pleasures of it. I remember when the pastor asked what was really missing out on in the "good ole days before I was saved:". The thing I think I missed out on the most was the laughter that came from raunchy mean spirited humor, This could come in the form of a movie, my peers or the particular jokes I tended to excel at! I know we all have a vice but all to often we look at it as ok since we all have one. JESUS called upon us to be the light of the world. Him am I shining GODS light on if I am acting just like them. How can a soldier show the presence of our military without his uniform ? I struggle also for the world provides the easy way out at times when you are making the foolish mistake of thinking short term. in verse 68 Peter asked JESUS of where he should go basically as if he had no better place to be than with JESUS. Same standard should be with us I shouldn't want to go outside my GOD to get what I want! I don't wan to stand before GOD in heaven and have his knowingly asking,, ,why wasn't you doing what I ordered? I am called to be a soldier of GOD I don't want to be absent without leave! AMEN

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Sunday Sermon 2/23/14 Faithful means to be counted on

Lamentations 3:19-25
This past sermon was about being faithful. Our pastor challenged us by explaining the difference between having faith and being faithful. He pointed out that when the Bible points out how GOD is always faithful to us, it is not saying GOD always believe, it is saying we can always depend on GOD! In turn , GOD expects us to be faithful as being saints that can be counted on! This where the challenge for me came in.
I felt that this was something I definitely needed to hear as I continue my service to GOD. I was placed in charge of the mens ministry for a season and I started very strongly wanting to the best job possible. I later allowed life to get me be busy when I should have continued to put my best foot forward. While I try to push forth and pray for improvement, I got the extra boost from reflecting that the job I do is for GOD so therefore I need to be faithful to GOD on anything he commissions me to do. That's including being someone who can be counted on  respecting my actions serve as a reflection of GOD! In the past I even made conscious attempts to let people down so that I can avoid responsibility but this is the exact opposite of what GOD wants from us! I have to make sure that I try hard in all my tasks so that I can hear well done my good and faithful servant! Over the weekend I went to a mens conference in which a speaker pointed out in Colosians in which Paul was praying for the people because they where faithful. When we are serving GOD faithfully we are the people that are prayed over because GOD sends people are way to pray blessings upon us. I want to gain that reputation but not for my glory,,, for GOD's glory! That includes this blog, I have to be faithful in the direction GOD sends me to give HIM the glory and honor. For I am forever in HIS debt for the un-repayable gift of Salvation! Thank GOD that He is Always Faithful!  GOD BLESS!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Sermon reflection 1/26/14 Moving on when things don't go your way

Samuel 12:15-20 "When Death Comes Knocking"Sermon reflection

This past sermon talked about David fasting mourning and praying for his son to stay alive. He prayed unceasingly hoping GOD will show mercy and not take away his son but then his son died. When David heard the news he washed up and ate , basically moving on with his life and continued to praise GOD in his life anyway. The Pastor used this story to illustrate how we shouldn't harp on the death. How we must pick up and move on and keep up the good fight even when things do not go our way. We must not get stuck in a rut when things don't go our way, we need to rejoice in the LORD anyway and continue to serve him. We shouldn't embrace death like the ones who don't know the LORD. That person is not the end all be all, we can live without you haha.

I have never had a death of someone I see everyday. So I didn't connect emotionally with that but I did connect with the idea of moving on when something does not go my way! I know that is something we all go through in life. We all think that we really want something and our flesh convince us that something is much more important than it really is. I recalled how I was humbled in my profession. I was thinking I was the Golden teacher who taught what he wanted when he wanted but I was put in my place a year ago. It turns out that I did not have the credentials I should have held to teach AP level classes. I blew it off at first thinking my performance will override the rules but in the end the rules prevailed and my AP class that I achieved success in was taken away and I was regulated to teaching "General ed" . .I prayed and prayed for a loophole but the rules prevailed. I was angry didn't think it was fair but then I began to think about what GOD was telling me. I was big headed and boastful. I needed to be humble. I needed to see that it was more of the students not me because my success in grades and achievement is much less in the classes I am teaching now. I know now that I didn't have this perfect method I was just blessed with results and talent to work with. I also realized that I was thinking to much of the glory and not what GOD want me to do. I have been talking and mentoring more and more to the kids who do not get a man'ly Christian presence like me any where else. GOD is using me in different aspects like this blog now that I am not busy preparing for AP all the time. GOD is also grooming me for more knowledge because now I am back to college to take some classes to get the credentials. Most importantly I am now able to use this story and triumph to be able to share with my other brothers and sisters in CHRIST to bring honor and glory to GOD!
In the US , when you are introduced to people by stating your career, phrased as  "what yo do for a living", or " who are you". Now I humbly answer the question of "so who are you?" with the answer "Im Rashad a Christian , I earn money as a teacher" vs "I'm Rashad, Im a teacher".. In other words, teaching densest define me, that's not what I need to boast about, it can be taken away with a blink of eye! My position in heaven cant be taken away because JESUS guarantees everlasting life! ,,,,GOD is what I boast about, I am always a child of GOD so when things go wrong , I pick up and move on knowing that I am HIS ! AMEN!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sermon reflection 1/19/14

2 Samuel 12:10-14 Constipated Saints 
This past Sunday talked about unconfessed sin in our life. It causers poison and gives us discomfort when we don't confess to GOD our sin. The pastor used the story of Davids cover up sending him into a spiraling effect into deeper sin and troubles. That is what happens when we find ourselves caught up into unrepentant sin. The pastor finished with an important lesson on the effects of sin. Making note that just because GOD forgives us when we repent of our sin, we still must deal with the damages while we are here on earth. He pointed at Samuel in which because of Davids sin with Bathsheba, there was violence and drama in his family including death of his sons.We have to realize that just because it doesn't hurt our position in heaven because GOD has already given us that through JESUS CHRIST, we still leave scars in our life. I have to try to paraphrase a very good story; 
{a father puts a nail in the wall every time his son sinned, when the son does a good thing, the father pulled the nail out. The son was later left with a scared wall and cried to his father, "I have scars all over my room, " }

This sermon was important for every Christian to hear. I took time after the sermon to examine my life on the sin that I may have not confessed. It was a very taxing experience as the wells of my eyes filled thinking of things and thoughts I have been have doing/feeling that goes against GOD. I know my laziness was the easy one, cutting corners on every aspect of my life when I know GOD wants me to do more! Tithing like I should, how dare I pray for financial balance when I am not trusting GOD with what I have now! One of the hardest things for people to do is look at the bad within themselves, but its even harder trying to come up with ways to have peace with unrepented sin! Impossible even. 

The last part of the Sermon is what hit me in the gut! My stomach actually began to ache at the thought of my sin leaving scars. I began thinking about the harmful effects of the sin I know GOD forgave me for. The times when I shown my wife anger when she needed me to help with the kids because "I GOT TO WAKE UP IN THE MORNING!!" Months later my wife  was rubbing her head in frustration telling me about how she wish she had time to take care of something but she is to busy with the boys. Of course I responded with "that's not a problem , just tell me you need help" while rolling my eyes ... As I type I think about that young 20 something with a kid out of wedlock because his 22 year old teacher out of college told him , "hey you better get them girls while you young but don't love em" ,, What if I told him different? Even simple things, like a higher than normal interest rate because of the greed , buying electronics on credit, a car without saving up for a down payment because "im bored with this car I need a truck"! ........What am I going to tell my kids when I advise them to wait until marriage for sex and they ask if that's what I did? Yes GOD forgave me for my sins and is forgiving the ones to come but my finances, kids, student, credit,  is still effected! You look at sin differently when you look at it as leaving scars on your life , and on the people around you life! 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sermon Reflection: Praising at Midnight: Acts 16:25-35

Acts 16:25-34
Today Sermon talked about Paul and Silas singing praises to GOD while being locked up in prison after being thrown in by a guard. As they sang praises the other prisoners came to discover their faith in GOD and then an earthquake struck letting the prisoners free and the guard awoke fearing they left and was about to kill himself. Paul told him to stop because no one left. This prompted the guard to ask Paul about Salvation, Paul answered with that beautiful answer.. Believe that JESUS is our Lord and Savior and the guard with his family will be blessed. Paul and Silas was invited to the guards home where they continued to share the word.
The pastor talked about Paul and Silas praise at midnight in prison was used as a tool to reach the other prisoners. Their faith and obedience to GOD which led to them staying put in jail instead of doing the instinctual running when they had the chance.led to the guard wanting to hear the Good News. The pastor talked about how our reaction during the dark times can serve as evangelism to others. People are watching us when we are in the midst of tribulation. We reveal our theology at midnight, the dark times. He point out how people see if we really believe what we are saying when things are hard. We also touched on how sometimes we need to stay put in "jail" if GOD wants us there . All too often we jump to do what we want to do and go where we want to go but GOD puts us in places for a reason and GOD tells us to leave at times that may not be convenient to us.
This is very relevant to my life as I go through the pains and motions of life. We had a ton of transition and drama at work and I don't know if people know, but teachers have a tendency to complain a lot. I like that I can use the teachers lounge and the teachers office as a avenue to praise GOD, to walk around with a smile on my face so people can ask, "what gives you so much joy? " I can say "because JESUS saved me from sins! Would you like to know about him? " It's those little things we do that are the greatest of all!. Digging out the 6 inches of the snow in -25 midwest weather can make me share on social network, "I'm so blessed I have such a large driveway to shovel" rather than " I'm tired of this stupid weather".
The pastor talked about how people discover your theology in times of adversity. I will never forget about when I found out my Elder of the Church lost his job, I was nervous for him and praying that he remained faithful. I was watching... He shown up to Bible Study that Wednesday not missing a step. He led the worship service praising GOD smiling and sweating in praise as he talked about how GOD IS GOOD ! I seen so much passion in his face as if he received news of a new job! But he got better news than that. GOD continued to speak to him letting him know that he is blessed, he is loved,  he is a Child of GOD! He didn't get a job for another month but GOD used him to teach me to be faithful, even when I thought my son was sick be faithful, even when my grandfather was dying be faithful. Remember to praise GOD during the midnight!
The next thing is moving when GOD tells you too. I wept at the thought that I felt GOD was leading me to another positron but I feared the change. Teaching the classes I teach was easy for me. I knew the book like the back of my hand and in my free time I absorbed more knowledge on the subject making me feel like a true scholar of the subject. I was thinking I am in the safe zone but GOD gave me opportunity to move up. I didn't. I have been feeling a bad feeling going back to the safe zone ever since. I try to ignore it. I try to compromise my way through it. I try to say I got to pray about it more. The more I pray the more I see I need to move. I have finally been brave enough to express that feeling to others. Since then I have been getting clues on the next step! GOD is good, he has been merciful to me as he continues to push me where he wants me! I don't see the path but I must remain faithful and take the inconvenient path to serve my GOD!  Amen.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sunday Reflection 12/17/13 Matthew 1:18-25

Matthew 1:18-25
This past Sunday we discussed the faithfulness of Joseph for sticking with Mary even though she was having a child that was not his own. He had to trust that JESUS was a miracoulus birth. Not only did he stay with her when he wouldve been looked at as right to divorce her, he married her and did not have sex with her until after JESUS was born. This touched on how Joseph had other plans like you and I have a life plan but GOD will interupt it at times to do his will in our life! We also touched on the importance of JESUS being born to a virgin mother because the sin is in the seed of a man. The pastor brought up a good point on how the devil want to attack the purity of Marry beucase he knows that the sin is in the seed but JESUS was not born of man so he was born blameless. HE didn't need salvation, one because he is GOD , and two because HE was not born into sin! Just like last week , JESUS is doubly covered! 

It was important for me to listen to this sermon because I too foolishly make plans at time for my life as if I am in control. It is almost as if I am telling GOD that I dont have room for HIM to make room to do his work in my life. I am not GOD I am not in control. I dont want to let my flesh and my foolish man negate what GOD has planned for me. It is funny too because GOD has a way of making room when he desires despite what we think! I want to be faithful to bend when GOD tells me to. I have to be sure to be focused on what GOD will is in the life HE gave me!

The story of JESUS is so amazing. When you dive into the BIBLE you realize just how beautiful the narrative of JESUS really is. The beauty is in the details as well like the VIRGIN birth. I keep thinking since the sermon and I touched on it last week, how darkness is on full attack! We have to be sure not sow seeds of doubt. A good enemy want strike hard in a way to see you coming. It is more effective to remove one screw at a time, weaken the armor a little at a time , then we will be destroyed. We have seen it from a Dallas episode being aired in Communist Russia, pamphlets spread by Lutherans across Germany, Vandals on the outskirts of the Roman Empire, Marriages between Hebrews and Syrians from the North, ,,,now that movie, that historical mini series, that lesson from that out the box teacher, that cousin who said she should be able to love, the book that said there is no real truth,,that website you can just click, your not actually touching,, hmmm the Kingdom of GOD is under attack! Im not one to predict the end of the world. I believe we don't know and our perception of the last days are relative, but we are under attack We pray for strength remember Mark 13! AMEN

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sermon Reflection 12/8

This was a good sermon about Matthew 1:1-17 "The Tree"

The sermon focused on 2 trees in our lives. We first addressed how Matthew went through the family line of JESUS. The pastor talked about how JESUS was twice qualified to be the savior due to Joseph through David's son and Mary through marriage. It was a lot of factual background for this sermon but in summation it addressed how from Abraham to David, they often predicted how one day a Savior will emerged from among them! This was amazing when we think about the foretelling of JESUS CHRIST! The unsaved who claim to know GOD don't pay attention that. This is all the good stuff.
Like our families JESUS family had a lot of dirt on their record. We can look at the prostitutes, murderers, adulterers, idol worshipers, you name it. This hits home for me!
We lastly touched on the second tree. We are HIS children! We are in GODS family! We have the blessing of knowing that we are all family in CHRIST so we can always be proud!

The dirty  family hit home with me. Living as an African American I am faced with so much hurt and disgrace in my family. My family has always taught me self pride and not to fit into the racist stereotypes for my race but I was inundated with negative contradictions to my parents teaching as I consumed media and interacted with my peers. Unfortunately even from some family members negative influence despite my parents attempt to shield me from it. I walked the border line of being ashamed of my association with the negative perception that comes with the skin im clothed with but what keeps me going is what my mom taught me, more importantly what my GOD tells me in the Bible! My tree contributed to what I am! I understand the history of my race leaning on GOD when this world seemed against them. Singing songs of faith and finding courage and dignity when no one taught them that but GOD! Not accepting racist beliefs that they where incapable of education and organization but educational and organizational institutions where led by GOD's people! GOD used that tree to make me who I am and I shall stand strong. My maternal grandmother hummed hyms in the morning, and my paternal grandmother told me to read proverbs every night. My mom was validictorian and father woke me up most mornings before he went to work everyday. My mom tauhgt me it was not cool to not know so even though I didnt go to church as a youth I began trying to read this Bible people talk about. The Jews in the old testament lauded their history despite the oppression, wickedness, and suffering. They felt they where children of GOD. I am a Child of GOD so why hold my head down. GOD shown grace to make me who I am! I'm typing comfortably inside my personal classroom on my laptop and its 12 degrees outside, I am fully clothed and thinking about how long do I have before my wife and kids will be waiting for me! The greatest part is that I am on here boasting about the LORD!!! HIS GRACE IS SUFFICIENT! I don't deserve it but GOD BLESSED ME! I don't have a criminal history GRACE! GOD gave me those grandparents, and parents! GOD chose me to type this , he set it all up perfectly! I didn't have to come from some elite family, I didn't have to have a Pious parent. HIS GRACE IS SUFFICIENT. My pastor kept saying it and it makes since!

Now to the second tree! I didn't ask my father to meet my mom and have me! They came to that... Lets bring it to a spiritual level, I didn't say , ok I'm going to live sinfully have some fun and get saved, no GOD CHOSE ME! HE said before I was born that I was going to be HIS. HE is my FATHER! I was prepared before hand. When my children mess up, they are still my child, when my child disrespects me, they are still my child, when my children need me , they are still my broken children. No matter what they do , they are sealed as my children, but I'm just a steward there is a greater father ,,,this is why I smile,,,,GOD said Im HIS child! THANK YOU FATHER! AMEN.. .

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sermon Reflection 11/17/13

Today we had our Elder preach because our senior pastor was out doing a guess sermon for his former Church. I was delighted to hear because our elder is well versed and passionate about the LORD so I am sure he will always submit as GOD use him to spread HIS word.
Today's sermon was from Galatians 2:19-20 and it addressed our understanding of JESUS SACRIFICE for us. He addressed how we need to be dead to ourselves so that we may live in JESUS. Paul is a perfect example of someone who can live flawlessly before the law but we are still blemished and far from perfection because GOD is perfection so we are all given the gift of Grace! He pointed out how we sometimes full ourselves into thinking we was actually doing something good, and looking down at others as if we got it together. We where forced to look out what part of us do we refuse to let die so that we can let JESUS rule more in our life. We was reminded how grateful we should be that JESUS forgave our debt and gave us new bodies to appear before the throne of GOD flawless even though we did nothing to deserve.
What an Awesome GOD so merciful and graceful! I get excited thinking about it. The thing the unsaved miss out on, is the beauty and happiness one receive when you realize that you don't have to worry if your good enough, smart enough , wise enough,,, you just have to understand humbly that its not about you, GOD chose you anyway! Its such a hard thing to accept because our flesh and society is built up on people working for a blessing, or because someone owes it to us, but GOD didn't owe us anything , we owed him and he forgave us anyway!
 I caught a Rhema word when Elder asked if it may be a gadget or something I want to get that takes away my worship of GOD. I reflected before that I worry about that thin line between being enthusiastic about tech vs worshiping it. I can only serve one god and I choose the ALMIGHTY GOD !
I was challenged with the looking down on people part of the sermon today. As I got home I got reminded of a recent facebook post that reminds me of a sinful nature causing discussion in the family. I tisk tisk as I must pray that I am attacking the sin not the person , and if I am being sure to look at my log before I preoccupy with someone else s sin, regardless if its blatant or not.

We hear the following often but its so crucial that we constantly think about it and reflect on it in all we do.

I have a sinful nature but GOD has saved me through the blood of JESUS CHRIST his only begotten son, GOD in the flesh sent to earth so that I may be saved and filled with his HOLY SPIRIT.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Sermon reflection 11/3/13 even they too can be saved..

Acts 9:1-6
Yesterdays sermon was about Pauls conversion! We only talked about the beginning of his change because the focus was on who he was and how he was saved. This is one of the most unlikely people to convert to Christianity but he did. The pastor pointed out how he was a leading pharisee who studied under the most talented teachers and shown a special zeal for persecuting Christians but he was still able to be saved. JESUS asked why was he persecuting HIM and Paul was changed!! The pastor used this to illustrate how JESUS saved a lot of us whom seem hopeless like SAUL but because of the Grace of GOD we have been saved in JESUS like Saul become Paul. He told us not to give up on others who we think is hopeless, who we think is to big of an enemy!
This sermon hits home with me! I have many muslims in my family from my fathers side and primarily its because of my grandfather who serves as the patriarch of the family. He is ill now and at one point we felt that he was close to death. I went to visit to him and prayed in silence when he was in the hospital bed. I feared praying out loud because of the reaction I might receive and then later I began thinking it would be no point to ask him about JESUS CHRIST. I feel ashamed at myself just typing it because it reminds me of the pacifism I am supposed to reject as a Child of GOD but it reveals what I need to pray and work on. MY grandfather is responsible for influencing many to reject the Gospel of JESUS but so did Paul. I know I shouldn't give up on him, he may be saved! Of course its all according to the will of GOD but I it may be his will to use me to share JESUS with him. The same goes for my father. I cant rest thinking that he is hopeless everyday that I have breath , every time I take the time to share my thoughts on the Bears , I can take that same time to share my thoughts on Salvation! Imagine if my Grandfather dies thanking JESUS for saving his soul, my father will hear it as JESUS reveals himself! My heart is pumping faster and my palms are growing sweaty as I grow in excitement, lets make a Paul out of the Saul in our life! AMEN GOD BLESS

Friday, October 25, 2013

Sunday Reflection Matthew 6:33-34

Mathew 6:33-34
This sermon was about how we are to put GOD first in all that we do.The pastor talked about how we like to talk about GOD is number one in our life but do we truly act that way? He gave us evidence on how we may not, such as: "saying I didn't have the time to pray this morning, our bank accounts show we give less than 10%, we will be embarrassed if people knew what was being said and practiced in our home. Do we actually live as if GOD is preeminent in our life or, is it just words.

I was thinking about this today when I noticed that it is now friday and I did not write my reflection yet. I know I was thinking I had a busy week because my whole household came down with a cold starting with me. I also said on top of that I had a hard week at work because I had to teach one of the hardest concepts in economics. I was in the midst of thinking this when I realized, I am stating things that got in the way in my worship to GOD. I know that my reflection is a tool I use to reflect on HIS word and grow in my walk in CHRIST but I neglected to do so after Church , I was foolish enough to call myself busy, as if this sermon went through one year and out the other. But I thank GOD for the HOLY SPIRIT! HE dwells in me so that I can feel when I am doing wrong, the conviction is a blessing so that I know I should have priorities. I know I wasn't that busy because I had time to live blog the Apple event! I have to be sure with this site not to cross the line between being an enthusiast of technology too being a worshiper of technology. I cant serve two gods!

I also was thinking about my bank statement. I know I foolishly found myself rationalizing that I should count 10 percent from what I have after my house and car. Because "those are things I have to have"....I was about to erase this part of my post because I know its a hot button for people but once again im convicted. The Bible predicts that we are to be considered not part of this world because this world is corrupt. This society is set up in a way that our home and taking care of our children comes up before we think about giving money to the church. So its basically saying society and taking care of my family comes before GOD. This is acting as though GOD is a little extra in our life, a little desert. I mean because c-mon we got to have balance, we cant go crazy with this faith stuff right?...

 I can talk a good game like I know many of you can talk a good game, but if we claim we trust GOD and we know the BIBLE is truth, do we live by Mathew 6:33-34? Do we seek the Kingdom of GOD first when we get paid or do we head to the grocery store and pay are bills because we worried about where we going to eat and sleep tomorrow? ,,,,,,,, GOD BLESS

Monday, October 14, 2013

Sunday Reflection 10/13 Faith Warriors

II Kings 2:9-11
This past Sunday we was given a lesson about the last day that Elisha had with Elijah. This was the verse when Elisha asks for a double portion which meant an inheritance as a son according to Jewish tradition and then a recognition by Elijah that its not up to him but its up to GOD. The pastor noted how Elijah left the world as a faithful warrior. In a glorious exit. What stuck with me most about the sermon was the call to be faithful warriors! We was told that GOD don't want us to get the scraps of  the table like when we ask for a new car, a good job, a new house. We should be asking for things of GOD things that glorify GOD! This was almost like a continuation of last week when we learned about how we should dream big.
I was thinking through the week if I am living as a normal christian or a Faithful Warrior. I am now praising GOD that he has made me grow to the point when I now share the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST, I openly say Praise GOD instead of "whew I'm lucky" . I use online to do more than share funny pictures and interesting quips, but its not about what I do good, its about what I can do more!
I need to push further and stop talking about how I'm tired at work, how I'm broke and happy its pay day, you know, complain ,complain,complain.. How do I show I am a child of GOD a faithful servant, if I am complaining like everyone else. What about careers, should I be happy I get a 20 - 30 views of this post or should I be expecting thousands tune in to hear the good word of GOD? Will this just be a hobby or do I know GOD can use me as a vessel to reach thousands. That student I have that I just know going to be a future prisoner, do GOD want me to be a vessel to help him be the next evangelist?
My sinful flesh want to say, well if GOD wants me to do this and that why its so hard, but reflecting on the sermon and the Bible I have to once again remember doing GODs work take time and steadfastness. The pastor illustrated a great description of pizza, needing to be pounded and press before we get the good stuff, the pepperoni,cheese, and veggies in life! Reading this hopefully your doing like me while typing this, its time to stop being  small minded think BIG, WARRIORS COME OUT TO PRAYYY hahaha GOD BLESS