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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sermon Reflection 4/20/14 "Why Grieve , HE is Risen "

Why Grieve , HE is Risen 4/20/14
Our past Sermon addressed how we should take a look at the empty grave of JESUS Christ! Our Pastor talked about how many times we talk about how JESUS died for our sins and that is good recognizing that JESUS died for our sins. At the same time we have to be sure not to focus to much on that and negate the fact that JESUS rose! JESUS had to rise from the grave showing us that we serve a living GOD! We should make sure we stay focused that we have reason to hope because death is not the end for us! We as Christians shouldn't be looking at death as the end of the road because this life is not for us, we have something greater to look forward too! We are told not grieve like unbelievers. We have to know that this is just a phase. We should know that death is just a pathway to heaven so we do not experience true death. We was also reminded of something else that makes our faith different than others. We serve a living GOD , Buhda , and the Islamic patriarch Muhammad died. But JESUS shown the grave did not hold him! JESUS left the grave in perfect order, showing it was all a plan. HE wasn't stolen in haste. HE Rose! The final point was the fact that JESUS had to rise so that we may receive the HOLY SPIRIT on the day of Pentecost! We were challenged to celebrate that day like Christmas and Easter, we should abhor this day because the HOLY SPIRIT dwells in conforming us to GOD’s will. We are incapable of doing good works and baring good fruits without that HOLY SPIRIT!
I was spiritually lifted as I rejoiced at my living GOD. Reminding myself not to get to down because of my problems in life because this life is only temporary and I have a destination in heaven. I was smiling and elated to think about how I am just a visitor here and I am on the list for Heaven only because GOD loved me enough not because I was good enough. Nothing better than a free gift. But I will live this life I’m visiting thanking GOD for HIS GRACE until I can thank HIM more in Heaven!
I am also going to make a great effort to honor GOD on the day of Pentecost. I want to make sure I recognize and thank GOD for a true undeserved blessing in the HOLY SPIRIT! I don’t want to be another selfish Christian only celebrating the days in which I get gifts. I want to truly praise GOD for his blessings and Grace! It’s a blessing to truly learn about GODs grace on Easter Sunday, or more appropriately, Resurrection Sunday!

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