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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sermon Reflection 3/30/14 John 6:70-71 "Little Devils in Church"

This past Sermon addressed John 6:70-71 Titled "little Devils in the Church". In the Sermon the pastor talked about Judas and why he truly went to hell. He spoke about how in fact even though Judas performed Miracles and was their with JESUS he was still not a believer therefore he still went to hell. I know I have been confronted with misinformation with the thought he was saved but went to hell for betraying JESUS. This is wrong because its arguing that you can loose salvation, but JESUS guarantees everlasting life. We also know that its not what we do that save us but its GODS grace so if GOD chose Judas to be saved he would have been. He contrasted this with Peter, tho he was arrogant and cowardly, he was saved and therefore repented and continued to serve GOD through his life time. We must understand Judas to gain a understanding of our Church today and GOD's grace. Pastor brought up how JESUS said many people will call HIS name and do miracles in HIS name but JESUS will say they don't know HIM ,, ,Judas did these things but he will go to the place where JESUS will send those who he don't know. Those he didn't call to heaven .
Applying this to life I was thinking when I myself fall into the trap of assuming someone knows the LORD. Saying things like " they know better they grew up in church!" We know the world learned from this with that wretched term, "PK's" this is because there are a ton of little devils that do good things. Jim Jones come to mind but it can be on a much smaller scale!
It is more important to think about who we share the Gospel to. We know that dude on the corner need to hear about JESUS and living the world according to GOD's will but what about that kid in the choir. We don't take time to talk to them about the LORD. Do we know whats in their heart. I know its no way to fully know but do we even ask? I don't... MY pastor talked about how he was 17 when he was saved but been in church since 3!
This also gave me more reason to be sure to depend on my personal relationship with GOD... Of course you have to fellowship with other Christians not forsaking the assembly of GOD, but you should also let the HOLY SPIRIT guide you and take advantage of today's society with the ability to read the Scripture for yourself. If what your pastor or spiritual leader is going outside of GOD's will or sharing a word out of alignment, you need to address it! I was thinking about the people that went with Jim Jones may have had warning signs from the HOLY SPIRIT before taking his lead, for those who were truly saved! You must also learn from this that Humans can be flawed so trust in GOD and understand only he is flawless.
This was a valuable lesson especially for those who belong to a church home like All those who are saved should be!!! I pray its a Blessing for you as well. GOD BLESS!

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