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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Tmobile Uncarrier initiative, a symbol of capitalism effect in tech

Allow me to think out loud about techs effect on capitalism. At&t recently allowed its customers to drop their contract for another plan. This new plan will be $15 less than the current contract it offers. Many people say this is a response to Tmobiles uncarrier push offering to pay the ETF if you drop At&T for Tmobile. I don't think this is a good deal still and I would rather opt for smart talk or something similar but there is something  more to this story that is much more important. At&t and Verizon changing their plan means Tmobile is a true source of disruption! That's whats important for the market place. Consumers depend on disruption to low prices and provide better services for the consumer. I guess the backing of Deutsche Telecom affords Tmobile the opportunity to pay off ETF's, offer $30 non contract plans, and allow multiple subsidies. This type of shaking up the industry threatens the status quo when we feel we must put up with blatantly unfair telecom services.
In that same vein we have Disney doing it in offering online video, Netflix  with streaming, and Spotify with music, google drive  with office utilities. The stalwarts of capitalism are smiling, The true effect of the tech revolution. ,,,,,just my thoughts

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