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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Is iphone the phone version of facebook

Is iphone the phone version of facebook?
I work in a high school and more and more I have been hearing clamoring from my students that they cant wait to get the new galaxy. I grind my teeth when I heard that because Galaxy is just one brand and android purist cringe at touch wiz but Samsung has did the unthinkable just a few years ago. They took over as the cool phone. Galaxy has became more than a model, it has became a bonafied brand! Samsung was the first since apple to unify its brand name on all carriers. That gave customers a reason to recognize it. Next step was commercials and a great endorsement. As the youth watch tv every 8 minutes they are force fed images of Lebron James using his watch and note 3. They flip the channel and run into hipsters to cool to care about apple but Samsung accompany their more interesting lives. But this is not about why Samsung is cool this is about why iPhone isn't.
I hear more and more of my teenagers poking fun at their parents because they think they are so cool now that they have an iPhone. "All she does it post pictures on Facebook using her iPhone". I was walking out the building yesterday sending a text with two hands on my galaxy mega, and my student says, "See that's the phone I wanted my mom brought me a stupid iPhone I don't want that little thing! " I let out a nerdish victory laugh as what I predicted came true, iPhone is for parents! This is the same reason why youth are dropping from Facebook. Most people are on Facebook to stay in touch with family. My grandmother looks for pictures of my children on Facebook. Kids are flocking in droves to instagram (making Zuckerburg a genius for buying it). I had a class discussion last year asking about Facebook and the kids smirked "facebook played, that's for my mama n them". Translation (Facebook doesn't appeal to my demographic". All I see is S4, S3 , Notes, etc around the school with kids using social networks, YouTube, two hand testing..
Yes Facebook by far has the largest amount of subscribers because its many more "old " people with access to Facebook, and there is by far much more iPhone sold because "old " people are the ones that can afford it. I am not saying Samsung or Instagram will replace the aforementioned, after all, CBS is still the number one network.. I am just saying its not cool dude! Voice of let the flames ignite!     GOD BLESS

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