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Friday, January 3, 2014

Why I care about CES to spot the trends not gadgets

Its that time again when every blog you read is about predictions for CES. Sorry... 
I was thinking about how I am not as excited as I would have been years ago. When I reflect on the year the only things the I reember is the announcements from the individual press conferences. The surface was announced by Microsoft after they publically stated they where not doing a big booth anymore. KitKat, iphone 5s, ipad air, chromecast, ps4 , xbox one, ooya, nexus 7 , s4, note 3, etc was all done in shows outside of CES! Yes it keeps bloggers busy but its much more exciting to get big news through the year rather than extravaganzas in the begging with CES and middle E3. of the year. I don't know what to look forward to. I guess it will just be to understand or discover the latest trends. So lets seee... 
  • Wearable technology - I already heard of a hint from pebble with something big , but the spokesperson was on tnt saying that pebble is an accessory that wants to be simple.. This contradicts "something big" in the teaser. We will see. I am sure a ton of less known companies will make some attempts. I don't care much, unless it can be a company that will start a price war with Google glass. I would love a 500 Google glass. Motorola cheap phones makes me have hope that Google will continue to self subsidize their tech goodies 
  • Cheap phones - speaking of Motorola, I am hoping like Oppo, ZTE, and BLU, the trend continues for cheap phones, now that smart phones are a commodity, consumers can win with common specked smart phones that will also lead to better mobile development , hopefully ending JAVA for once and for all . 
  • streaming sticks - It's a continued race to the tv. Chromecast was hot for a minute but I defaulted to hooking my pc to the computer. I guess I wont airplay type functionality for all my tech not just apple. I see Belkin is taking a step forward but its twice as much! I am still looking for a device even my Grandma heard of. 
I am sure someone on at least Google plus has something I didnt mention. Lets get some good debate. 

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