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Saturday, January 11, 2014

The winner of CES week is WWE!

I woke up to ces news the other day that made me actually scream wow to myself. My audible award for ces news of the year goes to WWE!!!! At CES Vince McMahon brought how his all star icons from my generation to taught the future of media. A 24 network all online for $9.99 a month!
I thought deserve a moment to soak it in. From my understanding, the total back catalog of WWE payperviews and specials will be on demand and there will be live programing, like top ten (NFL type) shows, and reality shows. Everything will be online and there will be an app on most consoles and tablet like Netflix.  The best part of all this is...wait for it,,,,,,,all upcoming ppv is included! Wrestlemania in itself can rub close to $60 and that's $120 for a yearly membership!
Why I'm excited.
I shouldn't have to write this but I feel like it haha. If you plan to buy two PPV it pays for itself! If you are willing to pay for a PPV most likely you wish wrestling was on all the time soon once again it is worth it! I remember as a kid me and my friends where excited for Thursday night thunder because we didn't have to wait for Monday , now I feel like the ATT commercial it wasn't that long ago and the kids got it better already (shut up I know I'm in my 30s shhhh). I wouldn't mind paying 10 to relive my glory days .  screaming ooooohhh yeahhh and stomping my feet boring my son telling him to help hulk up!

Big picture
WWE is a powerhouse! I love the big picture of this.. A powerful company steps beyond old cable giants and sell there content themselves. Wrestling knows the young people that grew up from the days when wrestling just wasn't for kids (attitude era ) now have buying power and my wallet is jumping out of my pocket! Now I'm even more excited for other power players with a wealth of back content to deliver to the customers in a different medium. NBA and NFL comes to mind.. This is the a lacarte menus my  generation has been waiting for... I wwant to pay for NFL, NBA, and WWE and then hook up the antenna for the news. There I go day dreaming again.......GOD BLESS

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