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Friday, January 17, 2014

A day in the life of a teacher using Surface Pro 2

Winter Vacation is now over and it has come time for me to really find the Pro in the my Surface Pro 2! When I went to the class I logged into my chrome browser to pull up my google drive that held all of my old files. I snapped in Explorer in order to pull up This is a online web classroom. Excellent. I browsed around to add some last minute questions to my online test. As my students walked in I used my display to vga cable to hook my surface to the projector. I had to click on the volume to switch from vga to internal audio. I pulled up one note turned the lights off and the real magic happened!
I typed in the title for the notes as my students began to copy on their paper. I no longer had my back turned as I began to write out the notes. I was reviewing latitude and longitude coordinates so I whipped out my pen to draw out a graph.

Never mind the sloppiness it was my fault not the surface pen. I then had my students come to my computer and write out the examples on my surface. Once I got done I uploaded a pdf copy of my notes to the class website so the students can revist what they missed later. Wow , as the bell rang , I switched apps back to my chrome browser to pull up a desktop java app called Powerteacher. I used this to enter the grades, something I couldnt to smoothly on my ios and android devices. I later heard a whistle, it was my exchange email. I switched apps again to read a request for a 12 slide powerpoint by my administrator. Quickly responding to the email with an attachment, I thought to myself "I better print this email just in case she says she didnt get it." I sent the job to a networked printer using an ip address. Nice , I have some more time, I went to pearsonsuccessnet to view my class text book that is only available by hardcover or online flash. Until the next class,,
How is that for a real world teaching experience using a Microsoft Surface Pro 2 ?  GOD BLESS

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