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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sermon Reflection 12/8

This was a good sermon about Matthew 1:1-17 "The Tree"

The sermon focused on 2 trees in our lives. We first addressed how Matthew went through the family line of JESUS. The pastor talked about how JESUS was twice qualified to be the savior due to Joseph through David's son and Mary through marriage. It was a lot of factual background for this sermon but in summation it addressed how from Abraham to David, they often predicted how one day a Savior will emerged from among them! This was amazing when we think about the foretelling of JESUS CHRIST! The unsaved who claim to know GOD don't pay attention that. This is all the good stuff.
Like our families JESUS family had a lot of dirt on their record. We can look at the prostitutes, murderers, adulterers, idol worshipers, you name it. This hits home for me!
We lastly touched on the second tree. We are HIS children! We are in GODS family! We have the blessing of knowing that we are all family in CHRIST so we can always be proud!

The dirty  family hit home with me. Living as an African American I am faced with so much hurt and disgrace in my family. My family has always taught me self pride and not to fit into the racist stereotypes for my race but I was inundated with negative contradictions to my parents teaching as I consumed media and interacted with my peers. Unfortunately even from some family members negative influence despite my parents attempt to shield me from it. I walked the border line of being ashamed of my association with the negative perception that comes with the skin im clothed with but what keeps me going is what my mom taught me, more importantly what my GOD tells me in the Bible! My tree contributed to what I am! I understand the history of my race leaning on GOD when this world seemed against them. Singing songs of faith and finding courage and dignity when no one taught them that but GOD! Not accepting racist beliefs that they where incapable of education and organization but educational and organizational institutions where led by GOD's people! GOD used that tree to make me who I am and I shall stand strong. My maternal grandmother hummed hyms in the morning, and my paternal grandmother told me to read proverbs every night. My mom was validictorian and father woke me up most mornings before he went to work everyday. My mom tauhgt me it was not cool to not know so even though I didnt go to church as a youth I began trying to read this Bible people talk about. The Jews in the old testament lauded their history despite the oppression, wickedness, and suffering. They felt they where children of GOD. I am a Child of GOD so why hold my head down. GOD shown grace to make me who I am! I'm typing comfortably inside my personal classroom on my laptop and its 12 degrees outside, I am fully clothed and thinking about how long do I have before my wife and kids will be waiting for me! The greatest part is that I am on here boasting about the LORD!!! HIS GRACE IS SUFFICIENT! I don't deserve it but GOD BLESSED ME! I don't have a criminal history GRACE! GOD gave me those grandparents, and parents! GOD chose me to type this , he set it all up perfectly! I didn't have to come from some elite family, I didn't have to have a Pious parent. HIS GRACE IS SUFFICIENT. My pastor kept saying it and it makes since!

Now to the second tree! I didn't ask my father to meet my mom and have me! They came to that... Lets bring it to a spiritual level, I didn't say , ok I'm going to live sinfully have some fun and get saved, no GOD CHOSE ME! HE said before I was born that I was going to be HIS. HE is my FATHER! I was prepared before hand. When my children mess up, they are still my child, when my child disrespects me, they are still my child, when my children need me , they are still my broken children. No matter what they do , they are sealed as my children, but I'm just a steward there is a greater father ,,,this is why I smile,,,,GOD said Im HIS child! THANK YOU FATHER! AMEN.. .

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