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Sunday, November 10, 2013

My first 24 with samsung galaxy mega 6.3 (unlocked international)

I will try to type this calmly and hold back my geeked up excitement for the SAMSUNG MEGA 6.3! I have the international version who doesn't like the ridiculous?
See it actually doesn't look THAT ridiculous , haha from that angle, (how many was able to focus with basement in the background? I plan to use the provided ear piece for my calling but it is funny how many times i used  as a regular phone because i had to answer before looking for my earpiece. I didn't know it was going to come with one but I guess most international phones do. I go through them a lot so I am going to buy a bluetooth so i can listen to my podcasts in bed (that's when they usually break). 

First Look

So below you will see the jarring effect of first glance. When i was doing the unboxing i was shocked when i pulled the cover off. The battery was also big, in fact, the battery is larger than the iphone 5 haha. When i powered it up i was happy with the screen. For some strange reason Samsung automatically dims the screen but i turned it up manually to get the full effect. I know its hype around the 1080 screen and retina but i (unlike most techies) don't care as much. Its good enough for my aging eyes. I am more concerned about the wealth of content that can fit of one screen and the brightness. 

I am typing this post on it to give it a true test. My arm is growing tired even though it feels lighter than my old nexus 4 (what doesn't). I am typing in portrait, I tried landscape but my hands felt to stretched. I'm a average sized man 5' 10" 200 but this is a  challenge luckily the big screen allows space between letters in portrait mode helping me to type much faster. I do not believe I posted much using my nexus 4. I love the two screens. I was able to google something and answer it in hangouts. It felt gimmicky on the s4 but the bigger screen gives me two iPhone like screens on my one device. 

cool gem

I never understood the disdain for touch wiz until now. Coming from a nexus 4 and 7 has me use to the simple and quick so this touch wiz stuff is confusing but what I love is the "watch on" app! Not the tv guide crap (I don't watch tv really) but the remote! This thing is awesome! Ok for those who don't keep up with me. I like as few things to keep up with as possible thus me getting a phone that can be a tablet and phone. Now i can use this as a remote too! I also have google wallet to be..a wallet, kindle and play books for... books. Haha the Swiss Arny knife of technology.

boo on this: 

I am a chromebook user so I am used to slow processor's and overall tech is plateaus on what humans perceive as speed. That's why we use programs to test by milliseconds. That being said, this is a little too slow. I guess because I'm reviewing it I'm taking it to task more than usual but i have seen it stutter when i push more than 4 apps. That being said, as of now I'm most definitely getting the second generation of this when more ram and processing power is expectantly going to happen ( no inside scoop just common sense). 
Oh and I had to call att and tell them to switch me to a regular smartphone unlimited plan. I was on nexus before this but they still thought I had an iphone???I wasted a lot of tine trying to set APN but it was just their side they needed to be fixed. So I suggest you let At&t know after you boot up.

so my opinion so far

after 24 hours with this Samsung galaxy mega 6.1 i would say IT MAKES ME SMILE! I love how I'm not sacrificing much screen from my nexus 7 and it feels like half the weight, and bezels are small enough to fit more comfortably in my pocket. I am no Mobile gamer, its not fun to me so processor is less of an issue. I love the big screen for what i do, browse the Internet, google plus, text , listen to podcasts, google music. and read. Oh and show off new unique tech (check)! My hands hurt , I'm done.  GOD BLESS

Video of unboxing below!

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