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This blog should be a safe place for anyone who wants to talk, read, listen, and experience technology in safe GOD fearing way. I am a believer and follower of JESUS CHRIST MY LORD AND SAVIOR WHO I BELIEVE CAME DOWN AS GOD IN THE FLESH TO SHED BLOOD SO WE MAY BE MADE RIGHT WITH GOD AND HE WILL ACT AS WITNESS ON OUR BEHALF BECAUSE NO MAN CAN GET TO THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN BUT THROUGH JESUS CHRIST and it is those who believe mission to spread this message of love to all people for GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD! I strive to live righteously and I pray you do to and understand that we should do that in all that we do even when we are enjoying my favorite hobby, all things tech! that's why I am a techie in CHRIST I am a tech nerd that is grounded in the LORD. GOD BLESS !

Thursday, October 10, 2013

reflection on Sunday 10/6/2013 fulfilling the Dream

2 Kings 2:1-5

My understanding of the sermon was a lesson on following GOD without complaint. I know we have a tendency to give up and get angry when GOD tells us to do something but we have to follow him steadfastly without complaint. The sermon touched on how when GOD gives us a dream , it is important for us to not give up on the dream. I loved the points that the pastor mentioned using references to Noah, Abraham, Joseph

  1. Often times the dream will seem to be unattainable by our standards 
  2. Often times the dream will take a while to be fulfilled 
  3. Often times the dream will hit roadblocks or stumbles 

Those points things make people shy away from the dreams that GOD gives us, it makes people give up on our true calling but we must keep on like Elisha, when Elijah was testing him telling him to give up to stay put and allow him to go alone , Elisha didn't, he knew his mission was not complete! He knew it may be stumbles, he knew it may seem like its hopeless, but the important thing is to keep on pushing because he knew GOD wanted him to!

I think about how I have seen miracles happen in my life. When things went well only because of the grace of GOD. I knew I could not explain it with common logic! I look at even my family and my eyes grow watery as I gaze upon my wife and kids knowing that I don't deserve them but GOD blessed me with them. How I received degrees not being that smart, how I could have been shot but GOD stopped the person ahead of time, how a kid with low self confidence is able to teach hundreds of kids over the years! The blessings are endless!

Now I have to think about how I need to dream bigger. I need to talk to GOD and sincerely ask what is it he wants me to do so that I can truly bring GLORY and honor to him! I have poor grammar, bad spelling , and speech issues but I  know GOD will enable me to use the internet as a platform to spread the GOSPEL and provide a tech enthusiast community who is committed to serving the LORD. It doesn't make sense for me to be successful in tech, I'm already in my 30s without a tech degree but I know GOD will make sense of the nonsensical. I have to be patient, work is hard, math is harder, but I want to learn this tech! I cant give up! If Noah can build a boat for over a hundred years when it has never been rain, and Joseph can face obstacle after obstacle, I can surely wait for people to take notice of Tech Blog aimed at Christians!

 Think tonight or even as you read this, what is a BIG DREAM GOD has for you something that seems out of reach , that may take a long time to fulfill, that will cause trouble in your life , but most importantly give HONOR and GLORY to OUR FATHER in HEAVEN in JESUS name I pray AMEN!

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