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This blog should be a safe place for anyone who wants to talk, read, listen, and experience technology in safe GOD fearing way. I am a believer and follower of JESUS CHRIST MY LORD AND SAVIOR WHO I BELIEVE CAME DOWN AS GOD IN THE FLESH TO SHED BLOOD SO WE MAY BE MADE RIGHT WITH GOD AND HE WILL ACT AS WITNESS ON OUR BEHALF BECAUSE NO MAN CAN GET TO THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN BUT THROUGH JESUS CHRIST and it is those who believe mission to spread this message of love to all people for GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD! I strive to live righteously and I pray you do to and understand that we should do that in all that we do even when we are enjoying my favorite hobby, all things tech! that's why I am a techie in CHRIST I am a tech nerd that is grounded in the LORD. GOD BLESS !
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Thursday, October 10, 2013

reflection on Sunday 10/6/2013 fulfilling the Dream

2 Kings 2:1-5

My understanding of the sermon was a lesson on following GOD without complaint. I know we have a tendency to give up and get angry when GOD tells us to do something but we have to follow him steadfastly without complaint. The sermon touched on how when GOD gives us a dream , it is important for us to not give up on the dream. I loved the points that the pastor mentioned using references to Noah, Abraham, Joseph

  1. Often times the dream will seem to be unattainable by our standards 
  2. Often times the dream will take a while to be fulfilled 
  3. Often times the dream will hit roadblocks or stumbles 

Those points things make people shy away from the dreams that GOD gives us, it makes people give up on our true calling but we must keep on like Elisha, when Elijah was testing him telling him to give up to stay put and allow him to go alone , Elisha didn't, he knew his mission was not complete! He knew it may be stumbles, he knew it may seem like its hopeless, but the important thing is to keep on pushing because he knew GOD wanted him to!

I think about how I have seen miracles happen in my life. When things went well only because of the grace of GOD. I knew I could not explain it with common logic! I look at even my family and my eyes grow watery as I gaze upon my wife and kids knowing that I don't deserve them but GOD blessed me with them. How I received degrees not being that smart, how I could have been shot but GOD stopped the person ahead of time, how a kid with low self confidence is able to teach hundreds of kids over the years! The blessings are endless!

Now I have to think about how I need to dream bigger. I need to talk to GOD and sincerely ask what is it he wants me to do so that I can truly bring GLORY and honor to him! I have poor grammar, bad spelling , and speech issues but I  know GOD will enable me to use the internet as a platform to spread the GOSPEL and provide a tech enthusiast community who is committed to serving the LORD. It doesn't make sense for me to be successful in tech, I'm already in my 30s without a tech degree but I know GOD will make sense of the nonsensical. I have to be patient, work is hard, math is harder, but I want to learn this tech! I cant give up! If Noah can build a boat for over a hundred years when it has never been rain, and Joseph can face obstacle after obstacle, I can surely wait for people to take notice of Tech Blog aimed at Christians!

 Think tonight or even as you read this, what is a BIG DREAM GOD has for you something that seems out of reach , that may take a long time to fulfill, that will cause trouble in your life , but most importantly give HONOR and GLORY to OUR FATHER in HEAVEN in JESUS name I pray AMEN!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Sunday reflection 9/29

1 Kings 19:19-21
Todays sermon was about how Elisha followed Elijah as Elijah prepared him to take over GODs mission for his people. The pastor named the sermon insanely committed. Elisha's reaction to Elijah show an insane commitment because like in his life many things GOD want us to do to serve him seems to be insane in the worlds view but its exactly what GOD wants from us! We are supposed to stand out and work hard and go beyond the worlds concept of commitment. The pastor first talked about how Elijah knew he needed a helper because GOD told him to get a helper and a replacer. Then he spoke about how Elisha , seemingly a rich man left his many oxen prepared his parents and left on his way, challenging us to let go of everything and give all to GOD.

I know the "lone ranger" concept has had an effect in my life. I as a man adopt the lie of this world in assuming its not "manly" to lean on someone else. I feel that I am effectively performing as the spiritual leader of my family but I have to realize that I am falling short when I am not modeling the submission to GOD in the role of leaning on a spiritual partner in fellowship. My wife cant point to someone that she knows I talk to when I have a man matter! I have the pastor but do I have the fellowship and spiritual companionship outside my wife? I know the answer, and prayerfully I keep the commitment to garnering a new answer soon. I have to be obedient and not forsake the company of other brothers and sisters, not just my wife.

The next part of the sermon was an amazing tool used for me to reflect on my spiritual walk. Elisha let go of his oxen but do I still have oxen holding me back? I know I have been consciously working on cutting off the things that is not showing that I love the LORD. I reflect on my refusal to purchase the hottest new game. I may have mentioned it before but I was thinking to myself I cant claim I love the LORD and I am playing a game in which I can only win by pimping, murdering, and selling drugs. I liken that to my wife. I cant tell my wife I love her and spend my week watching porn. In both situations I can use the excuse, "I'm not actually doing it , its just fantasy , its just entertainment." ,,,I cant imagine my wife or my GOD believing I'm really in love! The pastor mentioned how we treat GOD like a girlfriend, we love the warm fuzzies we get like the spiritual high we get when the choir working, we like the weekend date like church , we like when she there when we need her like GOD in the hard times, but during the week, during the hard times, when the other things in our life want our attention, do we show that we are committed? I cant show GOD love when I want , we are his BRIDE!!! I have to serve GOD in all I do! This is the motivation of this blog, I know I love technology and social networking, I have an interest and understanding of geeky things and explaining why but I know I have to know even in doing so I can give glory to GOD! Even when Im doing this hobby, I am doing ministry trying to be insanely committed!

The last big thing was a small point of the sermon. Elisha kissed his father first. As a child I often hugged my father. He was there every day and shown a commitment to me as a son, the weird thing is I have allowed the devil's influence on our culture effect me as well in my relationship with my father. I still feel like we are closer than some but it was even taught to me by him, that my mom is the important one. That my mom is the affectionate one. I think the greatest effect of sin in our culture is the breakdown of manhood in our society. Manhood is the direct link to father hood. I have to be sure to recommit to GOD's design of fatherhood for my children! So that if GOD wills, they will grow up to be insanely committed to GOD in all aspects of life!

Lets leave all the things behind , lets stop dating GOD, lets give GOD more than free time and show off how much we love GOD to everyone we speak to like we show off our ring when we get married. This week, every time I mention my wife and kids, I will make a point to mention JESUS! GOD BLESS!

my interpretation and reflection of a sermon given by - Pastor Delbert Deny Jr.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Sinday reflection 9/22

Scripture Kings 19:9-13
Todays sermon addressed how Elijah hid in the cave after being threatened by Jezebel. He talks about what he has done for GOD and even after an earthquake and seemingly volcano, he is a asked by GOD "WHY ARE YOU HERE?". The pastor used this scripture to address how we are in a cave at times when GOD sends us on a mission. This was deep because it forces you to ask yourself what are you running away from.
I was thinking about how far I should take this blog. Is GOD telling me to go to school to learn tech so that I can dedicate more time and resources in using the internet as a medium for spreading HIS WORD. I am a teacher by trade and I know I need to do more! I like when the pastor said our caves are the "well I can't, I coulda , I should a, if I had,,,,'blah blah . I know I delayed doing things because I think, "well I need to first do this and that." I often think I should do something but many times I don't. I no longer want to live in a cave.
The pastor wrapped up with an illustration of an egg, potatoes, and coffee e. All three find themselves in hot water but they respond differently. Eggs get hardened, potatoes get soft, but coffee makes something with the adversity it brings out its hidden potential. I always have to remember to be coffee, knowing GOD is using me to make something great!

Monday, September 2, 2013

church reflection 9/1

 I am sorry I am late but Americans know how it is on labor day weekend, the longest weekend of the year. That is not a good excuse for not doing GODS work and that's funny because that is sort of the topic of the sermon this past Sunday. Pastor talked about how Elijah sent a message to Ahab about how he cant serve both GOD and Baal who Ahab began to worship due to his wife Jezebel. The focus on the sermon was not riding the fence. Many of us professed Christian's unfortunately try to live on both sides the spiritual and the worldly life. We fear the thought of being a "Conservative Christian". I was just talking to a coworker of mine asking him if he was a believer and he began talking for 30 min about how yeah he believe but he is a lot different form people in his church because he is not going to ruin his life at the hope of the after life. Giving me an example saying that if there is a bears game at home he is always going to choose bears. He also said that he didn't want his daughter to be sheltered but he want her to believe, be a good person and live life. I was thinking the whole time....I tell GOD I believe and I love HIM but if my wife told me that but did things I did not like , would I believe her when she told me she love me?
Why would we want to give GOD less than what we deserve? Is it because we think HE wont do anything about it? Is that how we treat people we love? Is it OK to act single when your in a marriage? If your answer is no like my answer is no, then like me you need to look at your life , and see what can I do more to show GOD I LOVE HIM, if I'm not willing to do I really love HIM? I wouldn't give my all to my wife if I felt she was straddling the fence on if she wanted to live the single life or be married to me. I wouldn't want my wife if she was too scared to let people see she was crazy in love with me! I know that if that was the case I would grow apart from her, do you feel apart from GOD? ......

Monday, August 26, 2013

Church reflection 8/25

1 Kings 17:17-24
Sundays sermon was about the story of Elijah being blamed for the death of the widows son but Elijah responded by taking her burden upon himself, going to the upper room, and praying to GOD resulting in the widows son being resurrected and the woman's testimony of faith!
I am writing this a day late. I spent the day with my family after Church h bbqing and loving them. I was thinking about how much I appreciate and love my family. Hearing about the story of the women who lost her child after being blessed by GOD with food to eat and help around the house. Pastor spoke about how often times we get angry fast when things go wrong and we all to soon forget how GOD blesses us when we are facing a problem. I was thinking how in the past I soon became discouraged when something didn't go my way but it is so important for me to remind myself constantly that I am blessed so I should never complain. The elder of our church often talks about how grateful people do not complain. I think that it is so important for me to reflect that I dishonor GOD when I complain.
The sermon also spoke about how when we are faced with obstacles , GOD is perfecting us for his glory. Faith is truly tested in the valley but our growth in that time of needs help us grow closer to GOD. None seem  to be more hopeful than the ones who would other wise be hopeless! When the nurse told me that my baby boy was having trouble breathing when he was first born, I had no one to help me GOD. Think about your most intense moments of prayer.......
I also enjoyed the part of the sermon that talks about our reaction to adversity can be ministry. The end of the selection has the women testifying that she now knows that what Elijah spoke about when he spoke about GOD is the truth. When my sister accomplished much with a calm smile through every moment in our childhood, I knew that she must have been telling the truth when she said it was because of her relationship with GOD! wow even typing this I get emotional thinking about the glory we bring GOD by our behavior. Getting into heaven is a focus for those unsaved but once we in HIS grace we realize that this is just part of the story. We must finish with dedicating our life to showing GOD how much we love him with doing whatever we can to bring him the Glory in complete dependence! No one during Elijahs time and before ever rose someone from the dead, seem someone come back, but Elijah expected great things in complete submission to GOD and GOD made it so.
Our pastor asked when was the last time we prayed for a miracle, don't you dare think to start praying for finances, release of debt, loosing weight, blah blah blah, really bring GOD the glory and ask for a blessing for someone else so that they can reply, now I know the GOD you worship is REAL!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Church reflection: really reflecting on John 3:16

Today we had a guess speaker elder Gilbert who was a former member. The subject was John 3:16 which made me chuckle because its a ongoing joke on how that's the go to verse when you cant think of any other scripture. That was the funny thing, he mentioned throughout the sermon how that's a chapter we almost take for granted as if it lost its flavor because we hear it so much but we have to keep reminding ourselves on how important it is to reflect on how great of a gift it was that GOD gave us HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON, and whoever believe shall not perish but have everlasting life. We , myself included have a tendency not to think about how important it is that we are no longer bound by the law but we know that since we believe we are saved. We to soon forget , that HELL IS REAL!
The best part of the sermon was the closer, "GOD save us to HIMSELF , by HIMSELF , FROM HIMSELF. The part I like is FROM HIMSELF. ,,,,, " the Bible mentioned many of times how harsh his wrath can be. We read on many occasions on how angry GOD can get from us not following the law. I read of greater man than myself who fell short of the glory because of sin I see myself committing. BUT,,,,,,to GOD be the Glory! He saved us from HIMSELF by the blood of JESUS CHRIST. What a favor, oh what a favor that we as Christians should spend the rest of our lives trying to return it through our actions spreading the GOSPEL and bringing glory to GOD! We can never make it up but the effort will never be in vain. THANK YOU IN JESUS NAME!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Today's Sermon

Finishing the Race!
2 Timothy 4:7-8

Today we talked about when Paul knew that he had finished the race, he fought a good fight. I thought today's sermon was amazing. We touched on how its all about how you finish. I have been reading Kings in depth and I see so many Kings who seem to start off well but end in a poor fashion and leave behind a legacy of sin. We often see these preachers that start of well and then the money and the fame corrupts them. I went on a rant on twitter at one point about how I used to be a big fan Kanye West and upheld him as a real MC and I really loved "JESUS WALKS" but now he seems lost and I see all these copy cat people that is making rap not only negative, (like it always been) but blasphemous. That is me looking at others but lets look at my thorn.
I often in the past year talked about perusing a new field and becoming tired at times but it was me allowing my flesh to become weak and not finishing the good fight. I know that GOD BLESSED me with a GIFT of teaching and I cant allow myself to forget the things I love about teaching. I often was very grateful because my students felt a special connection with me as if I really  cared about them and they felt that I had a special interest in them. I don't want to loose that. I know that on my recent evaluations I see more and more students questioning my sincerity. I don't want my legacy with them to be what I felt about one of my old history teacher. I wont them to look back and think that I was that special teacher that they knew was a man of GOD who genuinely loved and cared about them. I have to finish the race
When I first joined the Church I was zealous and volunteered for things! I wanted to help out whenever I can. I had to be humbled because I was 27 asking to be an deacon of the Church. I settled for Usher but I continued the fight. This past year I have grew dim and find myself neglectful of my role as Usher cowardly not signing up hoping that in a round about way I wouldn't have to serve without requesting relief. I have to bounce back! I have to finish the race. Its not about how I started when I joined the Church, its HOW I FINISH! What legacy will I leave behind. When I die will I tell my boys "I used to do everything when you guys where little" or will I make a change so my boys can grow up saying "my dad has been serving faithfully in church as long as I can remember." I want my sons to know as Men they need to serve in leadership and ministry! I have to continue the fight!
I look at my role as father and I want to continue the path as head. I have to keep telling my wife I love her and praise GOD for her everyday. I have to flirt with my wife, take her out, get her 'just because' because I need to love my wife like JESUS told me to. I have to serve her like GOD shown us as JESUS CHRIST. My sons will look to me to model GOD'ly character as what a man should be like. I need to get back to reading scripture with boys , and continue to pray over and with them as family. WE HAVE TO FINISH STRONG!!!

These are my thoughts, I pray that when you go to church you take the time to ask GOD how HE wants you to apply his word! This is what I came away with , and I pray through reading this post you submit for what GOD is speaking through me!

ps. thanks Elder Joseph for submitting to GOD as he spoke today's sermon through you

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sermon Reflection July 21, 2013

! Kings 27:2-6
Today we had a chance to understands GOD'S word about trusting GOD when he sends us on a mission. Elijah was told to go into the desert in seclusion after he just did what GOD told him to do. Elijah trusted and GOD and there was a brook of water waiting for him in the midst of a 3 year drought and filthy ravens came to bring bread and meat to him everyday out of nowhere. This shows how when GOD tells us to do something we should obey because he would always look out for us. The pastor pointed out how the Bible shows that no matter what we face, GOD always show provision over us.

I know I shouldn't fear anything I know the spirit is leading me to do. GOD blessed us with the ultimate grace so the least we can do is obey him when he uses us in this world. We must obey to fulfill our roles as the salt of the earth! I know I have been placed in a position as a male mentor, and husband. I acted on faith when I moved into a new home and now its time to act on faith to preach ministry through this blog. My first thoughts  was I don't have the training and the Bible knowledge to do ministry but prayerfully I am obedient to GOD so that I can let hims speak through me. 

The last part of the sermon is about what happens when the well dries up. The brook eventually dries up because it was time for Elijah to move on. I know we have to understand that just because GOD blesses us in a certain way, sometimes it may be time to do something else. This is hard to do . We know the problem of being unstable but its just as dangerous to let yourself grow stagnate. This is easier said than done that's why I try to be sure to pray everyday for GOD's will in my life so I can know what GOD wants me to do. AMEN