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Sunday, August 18, 2013

When you notice Chromebook works

So here I am laying in a bunk bed because my son is sick. He was fussy so I stayed in the room while he was falling asleep. I was naturally trying to figure out how to multi-task so I quickly grabbed my Chromebook. It was so light. I actually exclaimed that out loud to my wife because I was just using her macbook which seemed pretty heavy. I liked that it was light enough to hold in one hand as I carried my son up the steps because of course being sick took away his 2 1/2 body's ability to walk up the stairs. He kept tossing and turning so I thought to myself, I am sure glad this thing doesn't have a loud fan while using it. Who needs a loud fan when your running an browser operating system, (mind you I am using an Intel at that). I was able to quickly type up my sermon reflection for this blog without breaking a sweat. The keyboard felt so good in my hands I didn't notice how much I wrote. I was able to reshare my blog post with all of the social networks because the large screen and track pad made this task seem relatively effortless compared to trying to re post using a tablet. I felt so good I decided to type this post tonight as well due to the fact the keys feel so good its soothing to my hands as I prepare for bed. I didn't read much in terms of keyboard for this Acer C7 Chromebook but I think this may be the greatest feature of this product. 

So summing up my ah ha moment, when I noticed Chromebook works: 

  • I love its portability due to lack of weight. 
  • The lightweight operating system creates a quiet low powered, no fuss working environment. 
  • The keyboard is phenomenal on this machine and makes me want to type all day! 
  • The laptop layout with track pad help to make multiple or complex tasks easy, tablets still haven't matched the precision of a keyboard and track pad. 
    • FYI I'm explaining to my wife why I haven't left the room yet now that my son is fully asleep while I'm typing this out, aka multitasking
  • oh and did I mention this thing is cheap? I mean for real like I read my C7 is 129 on Acers ebay page. 

So as I wrap up this "unbiased" haha post about why Chromebook works I will sum it up like this. If you only think internet when you think computer, can deal with cloud based word processing and excel, a blogger as a hobby and maybe professionally, and love to save money. Don't spend money on a fancy macbook, or a spam packed cheap windows computer. Get a delightfully affordable Chromebook! 

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