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Thursday, August 1, 2013

My experience with Chromecast after a few days

My experience with the +google +Chromecast 

 So now that I have my chromecast for a few days I have been somewhat tempered. Yes it is still well worth the money I spent on it. I still have the excitement in the potential of this device but I have had some early adopter issues.


I noticed when I played the Netflix video form my nexus 4 my phone went black and the only way to fix it was to turn it completely off and restart (holding the power button for a long time). I have read from +Android Central that Netflix and or Google is working on a fix.

YouTube error reports 

I hated to say it but I got angry at a trivial thing but I was disappointed that when I was excited to chromecast a live YouTube broadcast from +Android Central as they cover the +Motorola Mobility "Moto-X" event, and I got an error when I pressed the chrome cast. Luckily after much trial and error I was able to chromecast my chrome tab and put the feed in full screen. This may be something to look at; chrome cast of live YouTube.

No Netflix continual play

I was upset that unlike with my apple tv. I was not able to just let the video play and Netflix will move to the next video, this is helpful when watching a tv series.

So far my feelings are 

Well all in all I am still happy that I got it but I just wanted to address those concerns. I love that  I can cast something from my YouTube and get back to doing something else on my phone. I noticed the video quality seem to be much better going through the chromecast, I am assuming because the device is allocating all of its resources to the video stream. It has to be some optimizations there. I found myself spending hours easily just going through different clips and playing it on my tv. The best thing about being able to search while it is playing is when you have those "this is cool but not the video I was looking for" moments. I still like to dig into my wife who is a apple fan girl (because of me) and state how she can use my chromecast from her iphone because Google is more open for tech sake (ad money too ;)) haha I see that I can sell on eBay and get enough for 3 boxes later which should be easy because I live outside of the "cool zone" of Chicago but my unwillingness to part from my chromecast speak for itself.........GOD BLESS YALL

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