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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Waiting on my Chromecast

Im soooo exited about the new chromecast. So I was already excited about the "breakfast with Sundar" which was a press conference from the person in charge of chrome and android. I was expecting something cool with the Nexus 7 but I did not expect this chromecast at all. That's what made it so exciting! I remember watching apple and experiencing the 1 more thing , this was in a weird kind of way a torch pass to google with its one more thing.

Now I am not saying that the quality of the nexus 7 and the chromecaset for that matter match the beauty and the overwhelming architecture and detail but the the spirit of ingenuity is their. It's like the coolness for the nerds rather than the masses.

So why am I excited? 

Well the first thing is that now that I have moved to android from my iphone I no longer use the airplay like I used to. It feels sorta weird too switch back in forth from my ipad to my phone so most of the time I carry my nexus 4. I then find myself looking for my ipad when it is time for me to show my family something at the spur of the moment. If i have the chromecast hooked up i can easily press the button like I did in days of ye old I phone
The next thing and most important thing I look forward to is the use of the chrome browser mirroring. I see panned reviews already seemingly disregarding the "beta" tag google aggressively expressed during the press conference. I work with Linux, needlessly to say I can deal with hiccups here and their for the sake of innovation.I mainly look forward to showing webpages, like my blog for instance, while sitting amongst friends and family.
So to the critics,,
I heard a few critics noting that Hulu was laggy using the browser cast or mirroring but I believe that Hulu and vimeo , etc, will most likely hurry to add the additional function to its app to allow chromecasting so they will not be left behind netflix. I don't phantom a reason why they wouldnt though I have seen stranger things happen in the intellectual property world. I hope that it will be more on par with the offerings of apple tv soon seeing as though the apps are already available in the android store and its just a matter of an additional api. On a side note,  I am a tad bit skeptical of the lagginess review due to the fact that it pulls urls rather than device to chromecast.

Brief explanation for how it works. 

For my non techies, I do not work for google and I dont have access to the materials or actual device as of me writing this but I will tell you by my percepetion and understanding of the explanation. Please feel free to correct or clarify what I got wrong: It seems as though everything is handled in the cloud. When you press the chromecast logo on your device (phone, tablet, computer) will tell the chromecast to pull the URL from the web and display it on the tv. It is as though your just giving it directions. That is cool because unlike with apple tv, I don't have to worry about keeping something on my device screen in order for other people to see it on the tv and this will help with multi-tasking!


This is the best part. The chromecast only costs $35 and on top of that, the first day buyers like me got 3 months free of Netflix! This means I basically played 11 bucks for something that serve a lot of the same functions as apples $99 appletv witch I felt was a good deal anyway!

Waiting game
My device should be here by thursday and I am trying to keep my mind focused on the LORD so that I dont get to anxious. I have many things to do and luckly tomorrow is Sunday so I can pray for patience (pray for me yall) haha GOD BLESS

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