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This blog should be a safe place for anyone who wants to talk, read, listen, and experience technology in safe GOD fearing way. I am a believer and follower of JESUS CHRIST MY LORD AND SAVIOR WHO I BELIEVE CAME DOWN AS GOD IN THE FLESH TO SHED BLOOD SO WE MAY BE MADE RIGHT WITH GOD AND HE WILL ACT AS WITNESS ON OUR BEHALF BECAUSE NO MAN CAN GET TO THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN BUT THROUGH JESUS CHRIST and it is those who believe mission to spread this message of love to all people for GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD! I strive to live righteously and I pray you do to and understand that we should do that in all that we do even when we are enjoying my favorite hobby, all things tech! that's why I am a techie in CHRIST I am a tech nerd that is grounded in the LORD. GOD BLESS !

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sermon Reflection July 21, 2013

! Kings 27:2-6
Today we had a chance to understands GOD'S word about trusting GOD when he sends us on a mission. Elijah was told to go into the desert in seclusion after he just did what GOD told him to do. Elijah trusted and GOD and there was a brook of water waiting for him in the midst of a 3 year drought and filthy ravens came to bring bread and meat to him everyday out of nowhere. This shows how when GOD tells us to do something we should obey because he would always look out for us. The pastor pointed out how the Bible shows that no matter what we face, GOD always show provision over us.

I know I shouldn't fear anything I know the spirit is leading me to do. GOD blessed us with the ultimate grace so the least we can do is obey him when he uses us in this world. We must obey to fulfill our roles as the salt of the earth! I know I have been placed in a position as a male mentor, and husband. I acted on faith when I moved into a new home and now its time to act on faith to preach ministry through this blog. My first thoughts  was I don't have the training and the Bible knowledge to do ministry but prayerfully I am obedient to GOD so that I can let hims speak through me. 

The last part of the sermon is about what happens when the well dries up. The brook eventually dries up because it was time for Elijah to move on. I know we have to understand that just because GOD blesses us in a certain way, sometimes it may be time to do something else. This is hard to do . We know the problem of being unstable but its just as dangerous to let yourself grow stagnate. This is easier said than done that's why I try to be sure to pray everyday for GOD's will in my life so I can know what GOD wants me to do. AMEN

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