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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Apple Come Back!

I originally blogged this on my google  site but the feeling is still the same so im reposting 

I was thinking to myself after 2 hours browsing the web and refreshing my web browsers hoping to see a new twitter story or cnet article.....ummm where was I? OH I know, its hard to stay focused and break from my monotonous search for tech news when I dont have a new apple product to drool over. I have been know to be a quasi evangelist for apple on a somewhat cult like level. I have been to the point when I prayed for forgiveness for my preoccupation of my new Apple gadget. Now I find myself soooooooooooooooo boooooored!!!! 
I feel like my teenage neice and nephews during our various holiday "get together." How they look at me thinking how I used to be fun but now I have the same jokes, the same idea of entertainment. I look over at my iphone 5 while I am typing this thinking that it used to be exciting. I used to show it off to my friends in a false since of superiority but an email pops up showing me that I can get it from "walmart straight talk ! "  Im stuck with a over saturated product that everyone has, every one knows , and sadly what everyone seen before . Like the teenagers at the party, Im a spoiled brat! 
For the past 6 or so years Apple has been breaking their backs (and my pockets) to spoil me with something new and fun and capable of me committing the sin of boasting. Now im ungrateful not remembering how happy I was to get my iphone, macbook, ipad, apple tv, ,,, what can I get now? {pointing my fingers at samsung, how come they get to have the big screen , mobile wallet , } Please tell me what you think below,.... Am I the only brat angry at Apple for not bringing us something now? -- I don't care how,,,,I want it NOW !!! #willywonka

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