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This blog should be a safe place for anyone who wants to talk, read, listen, and experience technology in safe GOD fearing way. I am a believer and follower of JESUS CHRIST MY LORD AND SAVIOR WHO I BELIEVE CAME DOWN AS GOD IN THE FLESH TO SHED BLOOD SO WE MAY BE MADE RIGHT WITH GOD AND HE WILL ACT AS WITNESS ON OUR BEHALF BECAUSE NO MAN CAN GET TO THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN BUT THROUGH JESUS CHRIST and it is those who believe mission to spread this message of love to all people for GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD! I strive to live righteously and I pray you do to and understand that we should do that in all that we do even when we are enjoying my favorite hobby, all things tech! that's why I am a techie in CHRIST I am a tech nerd that is grounded in the LORD. GOD BLESS !

Friday, April 22, 2016

Why I felt Wrestlemania 32 was amazing!!

Let's start of stating I'm a grown man in my 30's with a wife and kids. I guess that's saying I'm not the stereotypical smark my keyboard warrior in my moms house asking for privacy while I complain about a show I spend 6 hours plus watching (raw, smackdown, nxt). Not trying to start a war with anyone but I just had to address the first elephant in the room. I watch WWE because of what it stands for ,,,, entertainment!!
Wrestlemania 32 fit guys like me! who cares who got pushed who got buried. Who cares who deserves a spot, you wouldn't know any of the wrestlers if they didn't get pushed to be on tv for you to notice them! It's entertainment, not a sport. I spent $1000 to watch the greatest show in person not the greatest sports ticket! So how did it do? 
 Pre match - Ryback vs Kalisto 
I didn't see it because I was outside trying to get in! I'm from Chicago so I was burning up in the Dallas sun next to a guy dressed in a unicorn! 

I got settled in during the Usos vs the Dudleys... I have to admit I cheered for the Dudleys because I grew up watching them. I thought it was cool a black guy and white guy brothers and they looked like to geeks who can thrash anyone! I wanted them to win but it was cool seing the Usos fly through the air! It was entertaining.

The ladder match
This match was amazing! The crowd was ├╝ber into it from the crazy dive through the ladder , to the the kalisto spring board flip and splash/fall! I cringed at the suplex on the ladder I thought it was a botch and Owens was legit hurt. Ryder won the crowd with the elbow drop! Wow we was primed to chear woo woo woo (sorry)... Thoroughly entertaining 

Break the walls down! 
Wow what a match I lost my voice from the ohhh! Wanted to cheer for the last time with a win but Jericho always does the job for mania I think this his first win in maybe 5 or so 

New day
This match was boo but then the magic happened
3 of the most entertaining wrestlers of my childhood came out. In their prime I couldn't afford to go see them and my parents didn't value wrestling but I thank GOD I had the finances to hear that music and that crowd as they came out! Shawn Micheals still looks like he can go. Stone Cold the no games stunner like days of old. Whimsical Foley still making me laugh but looking like a legit threat! Wow this was perfectly placed after what would've totally killed the crowd! There was more new day shirts and signs than any other talent! Despite what the old heads say... New day is definitely over! The only people who was more over? The legends I mentioned. I finally got a chance to see what people meant when they said it was nothing like a stone cold pop! I was headed for food until I heard this! 

The ladies match was food time for me for religious reasons. Not being sexist. I heard it was a good match! I don't listen to rap no more for religious reasons but I have to admit I popped hearing Snoop my favorite childhood rapper (poor parenting ) haha. The crowd was hyped and I respect their talent. 

Shane vs Taker 
This match started slow and made me remover the slow fumbling around type wrestling of my childhood. The crowd including myself was biting our fingers in anxious anticipation for Shane to do something stupid for our entertainment! When he cut the gate we popped, when he crashed on the table we popped. By the time he began ascending to the top we totally forgot about the beginning of the match! I recorded my reaction as I watched him fall breaking my usual stoic reaction. We all chanted thank you Shane! Thank you Shane for risking your life for my entertainment! 

Finally the Rock has come back to Wrestlemania
I grew much more emotional than I'm comfortable with as the Rock came out! The reason I began working out, coming back to wrestling after the 80's , the reason I came back as an adult! The rocked looked like me, had swag like me, was funny , and can wrestle. If your still reading of course you know why people love the rock! I felt like my money was well spent already and then the Rock came to give us desert cutting a awesome promo he controlled the crowd in the palm of his hands! Then when he ripped into his gear and said he wanted a match I yelled like I did when Macho man said "Elizabeth , will you mar-ry-me?" . I lost my voice and jumped up even if it was 6 seconds. ... Then John Cena !!!!! Wow I knew he was coming but wow and I seen him burry like always but I'm in my 30's Hogan, Goldberg, Sting, dX , and the NWO birdied everyone too! I pay to see stars be stars not people become stars! They came to entertain me! 

The bad part 
Haha they did bury the main event to be honest. Nothing mattered after the Rock! I was ready to go home. They tried hard! The Game intro was amazing! It was very disturbing but he looked like an awesome villain! I tried to cheer for Reigns I think 60 thousand did. A small kid behind me said "reigns is cool triple H sucks daddy" .. The match was doomed when they started with a lock up , he should've rushed into a spear right away and have Steph pull him out but .. Hey I am not a writer. I still enjoyed the few cool spots . I appreciate the effort , I loved seing him win again. Many did cheer but the the smarks spending $1000 plus on tickets alone was the voice that's heard. 

Godfather was good even though the dancing at the wedding was long and boring.. The talk was long and boring on kill bill before she flung the knife in Vivica fox chest... We regard those movies as awesome because the good outweighed the 20 min of bad! The 4 hours of good outweighed the last match 

Wrestlemania was amazing because it was well wrestled matches with the stars that I grew up watching coming back to entertain a "Mark" like me. Not to be fair , but give me wrestling entertainment! Thank you WWE.. Sorry smarks

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Apple pay working at stores not mentioned

I just used this terminal at my local jewel osco grocery store and there was no stickers or signage saying it was apple pay compatible or anything about nfc but like last months post I noticed it was the same as the machine in toysrus (apple pay partner) so I went into my passbook in the self check out line and it was glorious! It worked ! So keep a look out and try it just in case. Maybe the mentioned partners paid for the advertisement in stories of Apple pay but all these like terminals are nfc capable! Post any store you visit that's not on the apple partners list but still accepted your Apple pay. GOD BLESS

Monday, September 29, 2014

iPhone 6 plus truly is bigger than bigger, a "iSheep's journey"

 I mean - whats the point of being an isheep if you don't read every review you can find on the iPhone 6 or 6+! I know I have read almost every post that I can possibly find on my google+ / Twitter feed trying to reaffirm the positive feelings I have for my precious ..... yes i do say it as creepy as the voice sounds in your head when you read that. .

The pre- order  

I was one of the dorks / fortunate ones that stayed up until midnight pacific, 2 a.m my time getting ready to purchase the iPhone 6+ believing the rumors was true (and they where), I had to make sure I order as quickly as possible. I had the iPad  , iPhone, and iMac waiting to ibuy! haha I kept refreshing being the apple store close on my safari app , and i kept closing and relaunching the store app until wall 2:45 I'm in like flip and my journey begins, I got the black iPhone 6+, debating the gold but feared letting this one go and ending with nothing I stayed with what I got first. I entered the info , and OH NO the store gives an error, it says it will email me when purchase goes through... the thirst pushed me to not bank on this email so i thought ," ill resubmit order if I'm double charged I will just fix up later! " , who cares about money when obsessed, ,, i mean crazy, i mean passionate, i mean just trying to enjoy the experience! (the last one sounds the best ) .. Oh the joy posting a screenshot of my notification my order is complete !  jealous much? ,,,,

The wait 

What a long , ugly week it was. Friday couldn't come soon enough, I go to Amazon to purchase a case , which still hasn't come! I re - watch the press conference imaging the thoughts in my mind, i hock my iPhone 5s of to some poor sap who broke his and stuck in the middle of a contract! I laugh at the guys waiting in line , what shmucks spends the night outside when they can just loose a nights sleep, some people are ridiculous haha. As Wednesday and Thursday slowly drives in the left lane as Im speeding to Friday. I get tips like using my order code to check my location. I slighty panic when I see my order disappears from my checking account until I read it happens all the time in my isheep forums.. I constantly refresh the app store wondering why its thursday and my order hasn't ship,, it was hiding in the hills of kentucky.

The Arrival 

Wow a plain white minimalist box. The white album. Beauty in the unbeautiful nothing ness. Allowing me to paint the picture of how this iPhone will affect my life.. Just trying to audition for a PR job , i looked and thought I guess they wanted to save money and I broke it open. The box is open and wow this thing is huge! Luckly I dabbled in ridiculous sized phones before with the samsung mega earlier in the year, but I recently had the iPhone 5s so i became reacustemed to the small phone. Wow its like the iPhone went away to summer camp and came back a man! Wow good headline huh?
The screen is beautiful! I like the way it curved to the edges like my old nexus 4 i miss the rounded sides, it makes it seem as though the screen was coming out to me rather me looking inside of it. I enjoyed seeing the beauty of IOS on a bigger screen, small enough so its bright and visible from side angles but not big enough to seem normal like a iPad. Basically it looks rich, you know like a mercedes black vs a Ford Taurus black, it just seems different.  The phone is skinny to like a giant iPod touch! I like the lines because it makes it stand out but after feeling the slipperiness of the phone (necessarry fake word,, i think its fake),  i knew right away I needed a case. The load up seemed quicker and the finger recognition was quicker. My phone got pretty warm when I was loading up from backup. to be honest if I had another chance , which I kinda do, I would start from scratch , especially due to the fact I have to reload the and approve all the security and location settings anyway.

The experience 


I really loved my first experience with this phone! The screen is amazing and continues to be so. I can see it from far away, the colors seem brighter and the curve makes a difference. It looks as though its coming to me and it takes me back often.


The quickness in the sign in is amazing. The apps feel the same but strangely it seems as though Facebook is much slower. My screen goes black and then loads up its weird. I am not used to seeing that on apple products . I love how fast siri is, i guess i can say the main chip isn't that significant and I think it needs some more time with iOS 8 but the co processor that handles security , siri and all that   is amazing! Though I'm not sure about the siri being handled by that. The Internet is faster I didn't think the faster wifi would be visible, it may be a placebo thing but I feel its faster.


i took a quick shot of some Mexican food i figured if I do a one take unedited shot you can see real  life scenarios. 
The camera works good,  I like throwback looking pictures ala IG so the camera don't get me to excited anyway. I can say my caffinated hands was helped by the image stabilization. I like the slow picture, its funny how people are willing to embarrass themselves to see how it works. Im a good Christian so I won't embarrass them haha.

Size benefits 

I love the big screen. I missed my mega when it came to reading the web. My calloused thumbs reminded me that I would've been more comfortable if I still had my phablet while reading instead of the tiny 5s. I feel bad, but my iPad has been feeling like Woody because Buzz has replaced it for my morning Bible Study! I used to fire up the iPad mini for the kindle app but not I can just use my iPhone 6+ and share the scripture just as quickly with the keyboard.
my, "I dare you make a snarky comment about my giant phone" face 
I know a ton of people don't like IOS keyboard but I think its the best, the problem was that it was squished. Now that there is plenty of room the iPhone keyboard can shine again. Much less typos than on my android stock keyboards, I am one of the few I guess that has no interest in a swype keyboard and honestly my phone is probably to big to swipe with one hand.
I also like how in landscape mode you get traditional looking safari! Thats amazing! I think its to much junk on the landscape keyboard but the copy and paste button is pretty cool.


I don't have any scientific measurements but I know many people like me just want to hear real practical use reports. I can say when I did the usual gitty phone use that most have when they get a new gadget, I had 48% 11:30 pm. I unplugged 5:30 that morning and I was listening to 3 hours of tech podcast (because they where talking iPhone). I was showing off of course , watching review videos, and of course browsing the web, Facebook, google plus, and twitter. I know I used to charge my iPhone 5s around 3:00 and was still red before bedtime. I had to laugh at myself when watching the Samsung wall hugger commercial but none of those people would realistically hold an iPhone 6+, (sans the fact it was made before the new phone) haha.

IOS 8 

IOS 8 has some awesome things, I am sure by now many have it. I want to write separately about this but why we are on the subject I will mention a few things I like.
I have been using the voice message a lot! I love how I can just send my wife a quick voice message and send it. Its a way so she can hear my voice and understand the inflection of my voice when I send it. We all know by now how sometimes bad vibes can be falsely communicated because someone read a text wrong! I also love the quick picture sharing. The new chip (wow a good thing about it), made it seamless and quick, in fact I sent pics by accident. I am a faithful man so I'm not worried about that!
key chain
I am now able to quickly fill in the info I need and it remembers everything! I like being able to log in and pay for things quick with my phone. I feel as though I don't need my desktop as much to take care of business. Me and my wife had date night and needed to make reservations, I quickly downloaded open table (I know I should've been had it don't judge me!) , I then had key chain fill out all the info for me!

But the Negatives. 

This is the buggiest experience I have had on IOS at least since the 3g. my Desktop got stuck upside down a few times and I had to reboot, I was used to that on my nexus 4 but not from an apple product.
I have apps freeze up often, the cure was to clear out everything but it shouldn't be a problem with two or three apps open.
I have to admit I feel much more comfortable holding my wife iPhone 6. I knew what I was getting myself into and I'm pretty used to it but I know it would be a deterrent for some.
The keyboard in landscape mode is fussy, the key pad is in the middle of all this other stuff so you have to consciously type at least right now. I like typing from muscle memory and iOS keyboard makes that easy usually but not now.


After a whole week with the iPhone 6 plus I have to say I'm extremely happy. I have never been this happy with a phone since the my iPhone 4. I love the large screen, good speed and of course IOS 8 which I will let them hold on to the "it just works" in grace. The only thing this phone is missing now is split screen! I know hindsight will have me laughing at this next statement , but there is nothing else I can imagine I want on a phone. I can predict people bad mouthing next years 6+s because its nothing really to do but the usual battery bump blah blah, but after my use even thats not on my checklist. Its kinda sad actually not having anything to wish for but its a blessing to be able to enjoy a gadget like that. I was telling folks this time last year, " a perfect phone is a big screen iPhone that I can buy stuff with, oh crap I recorded that on my iMac, are they watching me?.............Haha its probable i was like most in that assessment. Now to through fire on the fandroid fury..
There is no reason to get an android now ,,, all google services is on iPhone, you can customize keyboard and notifications, you can jailbreak usually quick like rooting a phone, you have a big screen, and apple pay will work on anything you can use google pay on because nfc is a standard POS, oh and you can defend your buggy quirky os. haha
Tim Cook wasn't just giving us his usual hyperbole this time, this is really the best iPhone ever made, and it truly is bigger than bigger. I suggest everyone get an iPhone 6 and if you want a tablet for your pocket, get the iPhone  6 plus! GOD BLESS

cool a train, now i can play with my phone wow look at the blues

Monday, September 8, 2014

Lower Expectations: What is the least of your expectations for Apple's Event

I am having a hard time the past couple of days controlling my excitement about the Apples press conference Tuesday September 9 10am pacific. I was thinking it was getting unhealthy because I should only be this excited about JESUS CHRIST MY LORD and SAVIOR. I also felt it was a problem because many times we get so hyped on the prospect of something, we end up disappointment. I felt myself coming to the point that it would be impossible for Apple to meet my expectations. You know, like that reunion CD of your favorite rock group,  p.2 of any movie, RoboCop reboot, ending of "24". You get the point......So I decided to act ahead of time.

I decided to bring this to you? What can be the bare minimum announcement necessary for us to be happy with the apple press conference. I think we will get a lot more out of the apple announcement if we expect much less and become presently surprised! I will began first, and hopefully you can respond with your bare minimums and we can see how the actual presentation stand up to it. Please think about it and not just disdain if you don't agree with my religious beliefs.

I will go first ....
I want the obvious a bigger phone, a 4.7 will be fine, unless there is actually a 5.5 in the near future. I would also need to have NFC because combined with a quick finger scan this can be something beautiful! I need to pay for my things because I feel like thats what I am missing out on the most since switching from Android devices.
hey Apple remember this I think you left it in 2012 lets do something with it! 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Wow Moto G did it again

Its times such as these when once again you love market competition. I am a self described Apple fanboy now that I have ventured into the land of Android, Ubuntu and the like but this low price is soooo intriguing. Making it more tempting is the hometown loyalty for Illinois' own Motorola. I see they took the old service merchandise building and turned it into a state of the art world headquarters. I was filled with joy seeing one of my hometown heroes tout there new office! Then I see the jewel of the night, no not the more powerful and bigger Moto X, I was happy to see the amazing Moto G about $200 is amazing for a 5 inch screen, loud speakers, sd card slot , and latest Google firmware, and "ok google" with google now!
Wow I rest on the fact I can sell my iPhone for $500 , keep $300 in reserve, (lets be honest I am still getting the iPhone 6 ....) and use the last $200 in the mean time, or if I break my iPhone or drop it or something.... i mean who cares its less than $200 ! I mean Cmon there are stores that sell unlocked flip phones less than that! We are talking an enthusiast phone that I can show to my geek friends, (reverse fitting in)... and my iPhone for to fit in / be another sheep in the flock! GOD BLESS the Corporate Machine (isn't it ironic how fanboys act as though , Google, Motorola, Huawai , Canonical , are not corporations out to make constant profit) I digress,,,, ,
The appeal to me for the Moto G is that its a good tech centric phone for a crappy plastic drugstore price! You know the type not tech people sometimes generically refer to as "my android", like in phrases such as "how do i get pictures of my android", or even worse ,"how do i get pictures of my galaxy" ... . sorry, GOD BLESS

For your information on the phone I referenced my favorite google newsource
Operating systemAndroid 4.4.4 (KitKat)
ProcessorQualcomm® SnapdragonTM 400 processor with 1.2 GHz quad-core CPU, Adreno 305 @450 MHz GPU
StorageSingle SIM - 8GB & 16GB versions
Dimensions (soft feel model)70.7 (width) x 141.5 (height) x 6.0-11.0 (thickness)
Weight149 grams
Display5.0-inch 720p HD 720x1280 IPS, 294 ppi, Corning Gorilla Glass
Battery2070 mAh
US GSM ModelGSM/GPRS/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz) UMTS/HSPA+ (850, 1700 (AWS), 1900 MHz)
Global GSM ModelGSM/GPRS/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz) UMTS/HSPA+ (850, 900, 1900, 2100 MHz)
Rear camera8 MP (4:3) or 6 MP (16:9) with 4X digital zoom, Burst mode, Panorama, Auto HDR
Front camera2MP + 720p HD Video
ConnectivitymicroUSB, 3.5mm headphone jack, GPS, GLONASS
Audio playbackAAC, AAC+, Enhanced AAC+, AMR-NB, AMR-WB, MIDI, MP3, PCM/WAVE, FLAC, OGG/Vorbis
Video playbackH.263, H.264 AVC, MPEG-4, VP8
Video capture720p HD Video, 30fps (MPEG4, H.264)

Monday, August 25, 2014

I left pc for xbox one,,put the torch down and listen!

Yeah so about that stuff I said about PC gaming being superior,,,i guess that xbox one is pretty cool. 

I was in the midst of using my pc in steam big picture mode with my son when I had to go help my wife bring the groceries in. I come back in the house only to hear my 3 year old son call me nervously admitting that my computer is broken. It was not broken ,,,well at leaste he didnt break anything, the game stopped because adobe wanted to restart after the update... I restart the pc into big picture mode but uh oh, ,,the connected bluetooth adapter was trying to reconect, have to fix that now. where is the close button, its off screen because my graphics card didnt render to fit my tv,,,,"ok son let me fix this really quickly". Now my son sees an icon for street fighterIV , ,I go for it but oh no they need me to copy n paste the code into the program, registry error, uh oh, this is not a true steam game.................................... ok you get the point. 

The only slow download so far...

I go to my pal +Alex Glover house and he is playing his ps3, my son grabs the controller and comist to playing the game, an hour later, yep everything is fine. His attention wains and he request netflix, no problem , just a press of the button , and "walla" 

Wow the 2nd paragraph went so much smoother, so I decided that enough was enough. The last reminant of my personal use of Windows has now ended after selling my pc, surface pro, and laptop. I now tote a macbook pro, imac, ipad, iphone, and Xbox one! 

I went for the xbox one because as a Husband and father , I need to maximize my gadgets. I have my Xbox one hooked to my main tv and being able to have Uverse pass cable through the HDMI is a plus. I can seemlesly go between tv and gaming. I love that I am able to watch tv in snap mode while still playing my game! I love being able to watch WWE app on the side , while my kids watch a cartoon ,and I can just switch screens on the go. I love how smart glass enables me to use my iPad as a keyboard when I'm browsing on the xbox one or just navigating its menu. The difference is, I can do all this with standard apps, and not have to try hard to find solutions that inevitably require maintenance and unfurtanetly often at the wrong times. I also love the ease of the remote, not having to worry about connection issues when rebooting my xbox one. I also love how the games load in the background while Im watching tv and the notification pops up letting me know its ready. I do not have to keep wandering into my office to look at my pc for Steam's slow download progress. 

Now before the pc fan boys grab the torches let me issues some disclaimers. I know most of the games I will get including my most played game (Lego Marvel Heroes) can be played on PC. I also know Xbox One graphics cant compare to a mid to high level GPU in a PC rig, evidenced in Diablo, Tomb Raider, Battlefield, etc. I also know that PC has a fully featured browser and XBMC opening access to any form of movie, tv and music, from legal and nefarious means. I agree with all these things, I wrote a previous article stating just that and shown off picks of my triple monitor eyefinity set up in the men cave, BUT and that's a big BUT, Gaming PC's are for a niche audience. 

I am a 30 something with a wife and kids. The TV is no longer mind, the "man cave" is a storage/ laundry room with a door that my children feel is a perfect tool to bang on to get my attention accompanied by the yells of "daddy! what ya doing in there". I don't have time to seclude myself into 3 monitors and get lost in the digital battlefield. I do have time for a quick campaign that can switch to my kids Cartoon as they come running downstairs. I need to justify the $550 purchase by telling my wife that its a family entertainment device. No keyboard shortcuts, you can yell what you want to do, my 1 year old screens watch tv and heart fills with joy as the screen switches. I smiled with satisfaction as my youngest watch "team Koizumi" on the Amazon app and falls asleep on my lap. I grab the controller silently and switch to Battlefield, awesome! 
I traded in my personal trophy in which I talked about more than having the opportunity to play due to glitches, family, and work. In return I received a family machine that plays the games I want in quick enough time to do it!

As far as the games I want. I am to busy thinking at work and raising a family to think for fun. I know it sound crazy but I know one of my readers understand. I want to veg out, not strategic. I like to play Lego Marvel free play mode. Walking around living vicariously through my favorite superheros. I want to play Madden which is starting to get too hard, but that dumb game ism't on the PC. I want to veg out to WWE 2k15 when that comes out but once again, not on pc. I want to play the next goofy platform, usually not suitable for PC guys who most often use keyboard and mouse. I also want to fire up a silly dance game or fake ride a ski jet. 

In summation , if you cared to come this far, I left PC for Xbox one for the ease of use, and the availability of 3rd party games more suitable for the controller. I am happy with the decision. GOD BLESS 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

What made me most excited about WWDC14

This was one of the most exciting WWDC I have seen in years. Even the naysayers was excited about this press conference. I love seeing @MollyWood scoffed at the keyboard improvements thinking typical closed off apple then ,,,,,boom you can get custom keyboards!  Thats just one part, we got so much more. 

  1. Customizations - Apple has opened up to allow more customizations. The number one thing Android fanboys tout is the ability to customize their phone. Isheep take what Apple gives them but Android let you pick the keyboard and widget etc to make their phone uniquely yours. Now if you don't like the iPhone keyboard you can download one. You can do a ESPN widget, or maybe you hate sports and want weather, etc. From my understanding, the cloud drive will be customized as well so you can save from all your apps to the drive of your choice. 
  2. iMesseges - This is so exciting. 
    1. Dropping out of conversations is so nice and convenient. I often get group messages and sometimes I begin getting replies from people I don't even know. I would love to be able to read the initial message responding and then leaving the conversation. 
    2. Grouped pictures would be nice. Sometimes I try to show people a pic my wife sent me and I am constantly scrolling trying to figure out the day when she sent it to me. I would love to have those pics in a certain place where I can depend on it being there. 
    3. I  love the quick voice message, so when your thumbs get tired you can just send a good. You also have a quick video or voice messages that can self destruct liken to the appeal of snapchat. 
  3. iCloud drive-  Now all devices will have the ability to save to iCloud drive. All the apple devices will be able to utilize the iCloud drive. This will be direct competition with one-drive. Microsoft makes it easy for all of your windows devices to use a common cloud drive to access your files. Google has done the same with its chromebooks. Now Apple will take this concept for its Apple products that will be a awesome manifestation of the end goal of Apple iWork productivity suites. This helps me know that I can create content on any Apple device and pick up and continue on any other Apple device I own. This means I don't have to worry about flash/thumb drives. Remembering what device I was using. That was the lure of chromebooks for me. I was able to use any machine to get things done. The best part of it all is being able to "handoff" what I am doing on one device and finish on another. I can type an email , and then finish it on the computer when I feel like I need to type faster. I can also type up a flyer for my Church on my iMac and hand it off to my iPad to format the pictures on the flyer in the park.
    Also photos can be edited and updated on all of my devices. When I went back to iPhone from android, the first thing I did was download google plus to back up my photos. Now I can replace it , (probably do both ;)).   The elephant in the room is the charge. It is only 5 gigs free and the photos pull from this, so basically your going to have to pay a subscription fee liken to live 365. I remember being happy that iWork apps where now free but I see why now, I am paying for the service now not the programs. The good news is that the price is lower , so I can get 200 gigs for basically $4 a month , which is cheaper than live 365. 
  4. Quick Hot Spots - The bluetooth LE helps you to do some cool things like quick hotspot. Just the other day I was watching WWE network at my mothers house and it was tome to go home. I wanted to continue watching on my wifi iPad while riding in the car. (Wife was driving). So now Im hastily trying to start a hotspot, come up with a password, then pair it with my wifi iPad.
    Now I can just have my iPhone serve as a lte hotspot connect with my iPad whenever I step out of the house. This will make the LTE version of iPad's take a hit but I think it will make the iPad a nice companion device to my iPhone when ever I need a big screen for doing something. 
  5. SMS/ Voice cross platform - speaking of companion device. With your phone now nearby you can send and receive sms text and calls through the iMessage app on your ipad and mac! I am most excited about this feature by far! When I get home I would love to plug my iPhone in the charger and plop on the couch with my ipad or macbook pro. It is so irritating sitting and the computer ready to geek out and then you her a ring or ding from a distance.
    I would love to be on my mac, see a text come in through the corner and send a quick reply. I know my wife always complain why I didn't answer when Im immersed in geekdom. Now I am never to far away. I like being able to browse and call from a website. Just the other day I was researching hotel reservations and I wish I was able to call from the browser. I would also like to be on my ipad and answer a text from android brethren. Once again, it no longer matters what device I am using to get what I want done , just what is more convenient  for me at that time. 

It has never been this hard to break down what I am most excited about to 5 things. It almost felt like WWDC fell into the problem with CES and E3, so many announcements the significance of some products get overlooked. I was given so much to be excited about I felt overwhelmed! This is what stuck out the most.  Lets not forget some honorable mentions 

1. Wifi calling- I can now call from the basement or brick school building
2. Extensibility- I can use the same document in different apps awesome! 
3. Large file mailing- now you can send 5 gig files through mail, no thumb drives
4. Interactive notifications - you can now respond to texts, appointments, etc in notifications, 
5. Family Sharing - with gaming I can buy an app for all of us to do multiplayer on apple tv 

Notice no mention of health blah blah blah , eat a burger and go for a walk.....GOD BLESS