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This blog should be a safe place for anyone who wants to talk, read, listen, and experience technology in safe GOD fearing way. I am a believer and follower of JESUS CHRIST MY LORD AND SAVIOR WHO I BELIEVE CAME DOWN AS GOD IN THE FLESH TO SHED BLOOD SO WE MAY BE MADE RIGHT WITH GOD AND HE WILL ACT AS WITNESS ON OUR BEHALF BECAUSE NO MAN CAN GET TO THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN BUT THROUGH JESUS CHRIST and it is those who believe mission to spread this message of love to all people for GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD! I strive to live righteously and I pray you do to and understand that we should do that in all that we do even when we are enjoying my favorite hobby, all things tech! that's why I am a techie in CHRIST I am a tech nerd that is grounded in the LORD. GOD BLESS !
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Monday, August 25, 2014

I left pc for xbox one,,put the torch down and listen!

Yeah so about that stuff I said about PC gaming being superior,,,i guess that xbox one is pretty cool. 

I was in the midst of using my pc in steam big picture mode with my son when I had to go help my wife bring the groceries in. I come back in the house only to hear my 3 year old son call me nervously admitting that my computer is broken. It was not broken ,,,well at leaste he didnt break anything, the game stopped because adobe wanted to restart after the update... I restart the pc into big picture mode but uh oh, ,,the connected bluetooth adapter was trying to reconect, have to fix that now. where is the close button, its off screen because my graphics card didnt render to fit my tv,,,,"ok son let me fix this really quickly". Now my son sees an icon for street fighterIV , ,I go for it but oh no they need me to copy n paste the code into the program, registry error, uh oh, this is not a true steam game.................................... ok you get the point. 

The only slow download so far...

I go to my pal +Alex Glover house and he is playing his ps3, my son grabs the controller and comist to playing the game, an hour later, yep everything is fine. His attention wains and he request netflix, no problem , just a press of the button , and "walla" 

Wow the 2nd paragraph went so much smoother, so I decided that enough was enough. The last reminant of my personal use of Windows has now ended after selling my pc, surface pro, and laptop. I now tote a macbook pro, imac, ipad, iphone, and Xbox one! 

I went for the xbox one because as a Husband and father , I need to maximize my gadgets. I have my Xbox one hooked to my main tv and being able to have Uverse pass cable through the HDMI is a plus. I can seemlesly go between tv and gaming. I love that I am able to watch tv in snap mode while still playing my game! I love being able to watch WWE app on the side , while my kids watch a cartoon ,and I can just switch screens on the go. I love how smart glass enables me to use my iPad as a keyboard when I'm browsing on the xbox one or just navigating its menu. The difference is, I can do all this with standard apps, and not have to try hard to find solutions that inevitably require maintenance and unfurtanetly often at the wrong times. I also love the ease of the remote, not having to worry about connection issues when rebooting my xbox one. I also love how the games load in the background while Im watching tv and the notification pops up letting me know its ready. I do not have to keep wandering into my office to look at my pc for Steam's slow download progress. 

Now before the pc fan boys grab the torches let me issues some disclaimers. I know most of the games I will get including my most played game (Lego Marvel Heroes) can be played on PC. I also know Xbox One graphics cant compare to a mid to high level GPU in a PC rig, evidenced in Diablo, Tomb Raider, Battlefield, etc. I also know that PC has a fully featured browser and XBMC opening access to any form of movie, tv and music, from legal and nefarious means. I agree with all these things, I wrote a previous article stating just that and shown off picks of my triple monitor eyefinity set up in the men cave, BUT and that's a big BUT, Gaming PC's are for a niche audience. 

I am a 30 something with a wife and kids. The TV is no longer mind, the "man cave" is a storage/ laundry room with a door that my children feel is a perfect tool to bang on to get my attention accompanied by the yells of "daddy! what ya doing in there". I don't have time to seclude myself into 3 monitors and get lost in the digital battlefield. I do have time for a quick campaign that can switch to my kids Cartoon as they come running downstairs. I need to justify the $550 purchase by telling my wife that its a family entertainment device. No keyboard shortcuts, you can yell what you want to do, my 1 year old screens watch tv and heart fills with joy as the screen switches. I smiled with satisfaction as my youngest watch "team Koizumi" on the Amazon app and falls asleep on my lap. I grab the controller silently and switch to Battlefield, awesome! 
I traded in my personal trophy in which I talked about more than having the opportunity to play due to glitches, family, and work. In return I received a family machine that plays the games I want in quick enough time to do it!

As far as the games I want. I am to busy thinking at work and raising a family to think for fun. I know it sound crazy but I know one of my readers understand. I want to veg out, not strategic. I like to play Lego Marvel free play mode. Walking around living vicariously through my favorite superheros. I want to play Madden which is starting to get too hard, but that dumb game ism't on the PC. I want to veg out to WWE 2k15 when that comes out but once again, not on pc. I want to play the next goofy platform, usually not suitable for PC guys who most often use keyboard and mouse. I also want to fire up a silly dance game or fake ride a ski jet. 

In summation , if you cared to come this far, I left PC for Xbox one for the ease of use, and the availability of 3rd party games more suitable for the controller. I am happy with the decision. GOD BLESS