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Monday, March 3, 2014

Why I am excited about Samsung Gear 2!

I want a Samsung Gear 2! There I said it, what of it?! To be honest I thought the first one was pretty cool but the second one seems to be even better. Mobile World Congress was mostly a snore seemingly relegated to midrange smartphones for developing markets. The introduction of the Samsung Gear 2 was the one bright spot and this is why I think it will be an awesome new gadget for me!

Taking calls: From my understanding it will be capable of taking calls and serving as a go between to me and my phone,. I would love being able to drive , glance to my wrist and see its my wife calling. Many times I dont answer the phone if I dont have easy access to my phone because if I just tap my earpiece I might get someone I dont want to talk to. This will make things much more easy for me.

Text: I also love to be able to get a quick glance at a text while still on the move. I have a Samsung Mega phone (pun intended) and I don't want to pull it out to read a text. When I'm out getting groceries I often find myself stopping the cart, and pulling my phone out to remind myself of what was on the list. I can now take note and have it pushed to my phone or my wife can send me a text on what to get while I am on the move.

Camera: many people poo pooed this but what about that quick documenting you need to do. The greatest turn off of the last generation was the way the camera bulged out the wrist band but that is no longer an issue because its now part of the watch face. Many times when you just need to take a quick pic of something before you forget is so much easier just taking a snapshot than pulling out your phone pulling up the program and focusing the camera.

Water resistant and rugged- I was nervous about the first version of the gear because I could imagine me washing my hands and ruining the product, I don't know detail but it seems as though Sammy made a effort to make the watch more durable. Haha I was just laughing at my wife rolling her eyes at my commitment to be connected at all times by checking email in the shower! That's multitasking baby!

Freedom from my phone : While I am at the park with my kids I would love to leave my phone in the car so I can jump and swing while staying connected through blue tooth. I would love to be connected running on the treadmill with the phone set up in a safe place. Its hard to play tag while protecting a large phone in my shorts pocket!

Voice dictation I would love to take a quick note by voice using Samsung services while Im moving about. I often find myself thinking of things at red lights or in line at the grocery store. I can picture myself setting reminders like " type up a reaction to mwc" .  Oh and I can be the Jetsons,,,,Ok I'm starting to reach now haha so its your turn, tell me if you agree, or want to add, we know how team android do it! (I left fitness stuff off on purpose,,,,) GOD BLESS

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