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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sunday Reflection 12/17/13 Matthew 1:18-25

Matthew 1:18-25
This past Sunday we discussed the faithfulness of Joseph for sticking with Mary even though she was having a child that was not his own. He had to trust that JESUS was a miracoulus birth. Not only did he stay with her when he wouldve been looked at as right to divorce her, he married her and did not have sex with her until after JESUS was born. This touched on how Joseph had other plans like you and I have a life plan but GOD will interupt it at times to do his will in our life! We also touched on the importance of JESUS being born to a virgin mother because the sin is in the seed of a man. The pastor brought up a good point on how the devil want to attack the purity of Marry beucase he knows that the sin is in the seed but JESUS was not born of man so he was born blameless. HE didn't need salvation, one because he is GOD , and two because HE was not born into sin! Just like last week , JESUS is doubly covered! 

It was important for me to listen to this sermon because I too foolishly make plans at time for my life as if I am in control. It is almost as if I am telling GOD that I dont have room for HIM to make room to do his work in my life. I am not GOD I am not in control. I dont want to let my flesh and my foolish man negate what GOD has planned for me. It is funny too because GOD has a way of making room when he desires despite what we think! I want to be faithful to bend when GOD tells me to. I have to be sure to be focused on what GOD will is in the life HE gave me!

The story of JESUS is so amazing. When you dive into the BIBLE you realize just how beautiful the narrative of JESUS really is. The beauty is in the details as well like the VIRGIN birth. I keep thinking since the sermon and I touched on it last week, how darkness is on full attack! We have to be sure not sow seeds of doubt. A good enemy want strike hard in a way to see you coming. It is more effective to remove one screw at a time, weaken the armor a little at a time , then we will be destroyed. We have seen it from a Dallas episode being aired in Communist Russia, pamphlets spread by Lutherans across Germany, Vandals on the outskirts of the Roman Empire, Marriages between Hebrews and Syrians from the North, ,,,now that movie, that historical mini series, that lesson from that out the box teacher, that cousin who said she should be able to love, the book that said there is no real truth,,that website you can just click, your not actually touching,, hmmm the Kingdom of GOD is under attack! Im not one to predict the end of the world. I believe we don't know and our perception of the last days are relative, but we are under attack We pray for strength remember Mark 13! AMEN

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