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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sermon reflection 11/24/13 Ananias meets Paul

Acts 9:17-22
The past sermon spoke to me a great deal. The sermon addressed Ananias meeting Paul for the first time and the veil being lifted off Pauls eyes allowing him to immediately go out and talk about JESUS! The pastor used this scripture to have us reflect back to when we became saved! HE also used this to talk about how we should approach other new Christians, what we like to call "babys in Christ". The last part was used to address the immediacy of GOD! We need to follow GODS commands because they are not a suggestion.

Thinking back when I was first saved I like to smile. Its funny because the vision in my head is a distraught Kid angry at everyone, feeling lonely and driving to work crying. .. In my head I was contemplating how I wish it was all over and how no one could help me and while driving down a long neglected road I began crying out to GOD asking for deliverance. My eyes became open when I knew that I had a father in heaven that loves me and is there for me through thick n then and that's what JESUS was telling us. As I grew further in CHRIST he began to lift the scale more and more. 
I remember I used to listen to JAYZ chanting the words "hova" to his lyrics. My sister was upset because he was calling himself GOD and I defended it as if it wasn't really that serious,, I didn't know that I shouldn't allow anyone to even toy with the greatness of my father but again I say I had scales over my eyes! I now find myself in righteous anger, and sorrow, as I see the media making light at blasphemous monikers, claims, which craft, homosexuality, humanism, greed, etc... 

The next thing was how I know I have to be patient with new believers. I have to understand that most people drop out of the Church and become distant from the Church body because we are judging them with log filled eyes! Like I said I was a believer first but I was still listening to Jay Z. I still have things GOD is working on because if we was able to be perfect we wouldn't need grace. I thank GOD for HIS grace! Ananias approached Paul with "brother" showing him love as if he belongs. I need to make sure I consider my fellow Christians brother, family. There was a time when I had little desire to fellowship with other members of my Chruch but I see the deeper I devote myself to the LORD , the more I enjoy the company of my Church brethren. I am so happy to be apart of the mens small group and I am now trying to approach them more on a personal level. It's deep to think about who we rather spend time with and wonder if that is a reflection of our Christian walk. 

Today was a good example of following the immediacy of GOD! I know I have a habit at times of setting a schedule to when I am going to work on a certain aspect of my Christian walk. The pastor noted how the Bible never asked the disciples to do something if they can get around to it. I know I was putting off talking to a certain family member about a certain situation that I was putting off because I didn't feel comfortable at the time even though I kept feeling nudged by the HOLY SPIRIT. I had to stop telling GOD I was to scared , and say Yes! I feel better now and I am so glad I did! What have you been putting off? Have you said , "I'm going to start going to Church more next year" I'm going to tithe better next year" etc etc... When we are instructed to do something we do it. 
This also goes to spreading the Gospel. When we are truly saved , we already have what we need to spread. People need to hear the Gospel: 

GOD so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son JESUS CHRIST , who is Emmanuel, GOD on earth who promised salvation to those who believe in HIM, thus filling them with the third part of the trinity of GOD , the HOLY SPIRIT that makes us pure before HIS throne, and that those who do not believe will be destined to the pitt of hell, and only believers will have ever lasting life in heaven. AMEN .. 

I love typing that, the rest of the job is living a life that exemplifies the HOLY SPIRIT within you! From my experience , the way we live our life helps people to ask questions which allows you to spread this Gospel, and the Gospel inspires people to examine your life giving you a chance to prove it. 

There was a lot of information and topics in this sermon but it was so helpful , in our Christian walk. Over this thanksgiving break seize this moment brothers and sisters. GOD BLESS 

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