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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Sunday reflection 9/29

1 Kings 19:19-21
Todays sermon was about how Elisha followed Elijah as Elijah prepared him to take over GODs mission for his people. The pastor named the sermon insanely committed. Elisha's reaction to Elijah show an insane commitment because like in his life many things GOD want us to do to serve him seems to be insane in the worlds view but its exactly what GOD wants from us! We are supposed to stand out and work hard and go beyond the worlds concept of commitment. The pastor first talked about how Elijah knew he needed a helper because GOD told him to get a helper and a replacer. Then he spoke about how Elisha , seemingly a rich man left his many oxen prepared his parents and left on his way, challenging us to let go of everything and give all to GOD.

I know the "lone ranger" concept has had an effect in my life. I as a man adopt the lie of this world in assuming its not "manly" to lean on someone else. I feel that I am effectively performing as the spiritual leader of my family but I have to realize that I am falling short when I am not modeling the submission to GOD in the role of leaning on a spiritual partner in fellowship. My wife cant point to someone that she knows I talk to when I have a man matter! I have the pastor but do I have the fellowship and spiritual companionship outside my wife? I know the answer, and prayerfully I keep the commitment to garnering a new answer soon. I have to be obedient and not forsake the company of other brothers and sisters, not just my wife.

The next part of the sermon was an amazing tool used for me to reflect on my spiritual walk. Elisha let go of his oxen but do I still have oxen holding me back? I know I have been consciously working on cutting off the things that is not showing that I love the LORD. I reflect on my refusal to purchase the hottest new game. I may have mentioned it before but I was thinking to myself I cant claim I love the LORD and I am playing a game in which I can only win by pimping, murdering, and selling drugs. I liken that to my wife. I cant tell my wife I love her and spend my week watching porn. In both situations I can use the excuse, "I'm not actually doing it , its just fantasy , its just entertainment." ,,,I cant imagine my wife or my GOD believing I'm really in love! The pastor mentioned how we treat GOD like a girlfriend, we love the warm fuzzies we get like the spiritual high we get when the choir working, we like the weekend date like church , we like when she there when we need her like GOD in the hard times, but during the week, during the hard times, when the other things in our life want our attention, do we show that we are committed? I cant show GOD love when I want , we are his BRIDE!!! I have to serve GOD in all I do! This is the motivation of this blog, I know I love technology and social networking, I have an interest and understanding of geeky things and explaining why but I know I have to know even in doing so I can give glory to GOD! Even when Im doing this hobby, I am doing ministry trying to be insanely committed!

The last big thing was a small point of the sermon. Elisha kissed his father first. As a child I often hugged my father. He was there every day and shown a commitment to me as a son, the weird thing is I have allowed the devil's influence on our culture effect me as well in my relationship with my father. I still feel like we are closer than some but it was even taught to me by him, that my mom is the important one. That my mom is the affectionate one. I think the greatest effect of sin in our culture is the breakdown of manhood in our society. Manhood is the direct link to father hood. I have to be sure to recommit to GOD's design of fatherhood for my children! So that if GOD wills, they will grow up to be insanely committed to GOD in all aspects of life!

Lets leave all the things behind , lets stop dating GOD, lets give GOD more than free time and show off how much we love GOD to everyone we speak to like we show off our ring when we get married. This week, every time I mention my wife and kids, I will make a point to mention JESUS! GOD BLESS!

my interpretation and reflection of a sermon given by - Pastor Delbert Deny Jr.

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