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Monday, September 8, 2014

Lower Expectations: What is the least of your expectations for Apple's Event

I am having a hard time the past couple of days controlling my excitement about the Apples press conference Tuesday September 9 10am pacific. I was thinking it was getting unhealthy because I should only be this excited about JESUS CHRIST MY LORD and SAVIOR. I also felt it was a problem because many times we get so hyped on the prospect of something, we end up disappointment. I felt myself coming to the point that it would be impossible for Apple to meet my expectations. You know, like that reunion CD of your favorite rock group,  p.2 of any movie, RoboCop reboot, ending of "24". You get the point......So I decided to act ahead of time.

I decided to bring this to you? What can be the bare minimum announcement necessary for us to be happy with the apple press conference. I think we will get a lot more out of the apple announcement if we expect much less and become presently surprised! I will began first, and hopefully you can respond with your bare minimums and we can see how the actual presentation stand up to it. Please think about it and not just disdain if you don't agree with my religious beliefs.

I will go first ....
I want the obvious a bigger phone, a 4.7 will be fine, unless there is actually a 5.5 in the near future. I would also need to have NFC because combined with a quick finger scan this can be something beautiful! I need to pay for my things because I feel like thats what I am missing out on the most since switching from Android devices.
hey Apple remember this I think you left it in 2012 lets do something with it! 

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