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This blog should be a safe place for anyone who wants to talk, read, listen, and experience technology in safe GOD fearing way. I am a believer and follower of JESUS CHRIST MY LORD AND SAVIOR WHO I BELIEVE CAME DOWN AS GOD IN THE FLESH TO SHED BLOOD SO WE MAY BE MADE RIGHT WITH GOD AND HE WILL ACT AS WITNESS ON OUR BEHALF BECAUSE NO MAN CAN GET TO THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN BUT THROUGH JESUS CHRIST and it is those who believe mission to spread this message of love to all people for GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD! I strive to live righteously and I pray you do to and understand that we should do that in all that we do even when we are enjoying my favorite hobby, all things tech! that's why I am a techie in CHRIST I am a tech nerd that is grounded in the LORD. GOD BLESS !

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Can a google fanboy enjoy a imac? the allure of mavericks

So its time to revisit the evil empire. Just kidding, but today I have decided to revisit the apple world. MY brother blessed me with allowing me to use his Imac for a year. As you see I have my DIY dream pc in the background but recently I became interested in using a mac desktop. I previously had a mac mini in which I grew tired of. I wanted more power and I wanted to game so I decided to rebuild a custom pc. I been enjoying gaming, multi tasking , and hacking (in a legal way) to nerd out. I love how I can run Netflix on one monitor while playing nba 2k on the other. I love backing up my dvd's and uploading podcast in minutes. Its amazing. So if I am so happy with my pc why try apple again?

The answer lies into the success of mavericks. I love it. Better yet, it lies in the success of the apple press conference. I am intrigued at the free offering of iworks and ilife! I love the integration of notifications that allow me to respond right into the notifications. I love the maps integration that admittedly just seems more attractive than useful. I also want to use key chain that remembers my password, thus helping me to work easier. I am looking forward to ibooks that will allow me to better prepare lessons for my class. Imacs and mavericks seem to be finally capable enough to allow me to do real work with media like podcasts, and video editing, but honestly cloud apps finally made "pro" specs less necessary. Calendar also seems nice, if it works well with google. speaking of google........

Now what makes me nervous is my dependency on google for productivity. I am a owner of a nexus 4 ,7, chrome book, blogger acct, and public google + profile, and subscriber to google music. Needless to say , I am fully vested in google products. I am currently typing on a Chromebook. So will I be able to use the imac with my google lifestyle ? I noticed when I look at pictures of "googlers" I often see them using apple products. Programmers in general, which I am now currently studying in my free time. We shall see, I will keep you posted! GOD BLESS

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