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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Nokia wakes up U.S. with awesome specs from Abu Dhabi 1520 and 2520

Today most of the tech fans are waking up preparing themselves to hear the news about the new apple products set to be announced today, but Nokia has greeted us with a distraction!
Nokia held their long announced press event in Abu Dhabi falling to the middle of the night for most Americans so many of us didn't hear about it until this morning. I though t that Nokia was crazy initially for announcing something on the same day as apple but I kinda like the idea of filling the tech news sites with Nokia coverage before we get a chance to focus on apple. But this is a Nokia product post so lets get started.
First I am sure you want to see the new phone ,,,
Pulled from

I wonder how many people looking at this feels impressed? Well of course it looks familiar now from Nokia, the candy colored polycarbonite or Ive's "special plastic". There is something that is awesome that you may have to see in person, this is a 6 inch 1080p screen. I can imagine the beauty of the nice big screen, oh i love big screens! It seem as though Nokia did something smart, the bezels look really small to fit a large screen in a small form factor, I got to see comparisons but maybe the phone seems smaller than the note 3 but has a larger screen. 
The phone also has a snapdragon 800 2.2ghz chip making it much faster than I believe any popular phone which will be needed for that large high resolution screen. Also dual flash 20 megapixel camera (surprised they went back down from the 1020) and the usual wireless charging nfc and you know the rest. 
This phone seems awesome, I already seen 4 public posts about how this phone would be flagship if it had android , ,well with these specs it seems if this is not a hit its a direct indication that windows phone os has no chance. 

Then we have the 2520 

This was ummm not so interesting. Its Windows RT and it doesn't seem to be much of an improvement to the Surface 2 I know if I was going to get the same exact thing I would get the flagship of the company who makes the OS. I guess it is a stronger case than the main reason to go nexus. Well its colorful! I guess its the same specs primarily to the phone but on a large screen and they have thick type covers and some more stuff. Look if I am to bored to write about it, I am sure you are to bored to read about it. Now if this is $300 like the other new windows tablets and making it cheaper than the surface then I would say get it but until then I keep you posted. 


all my info on specs was interpreted and obtained from the press release on the product page of 

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